Sunday, May 18, 2008

How to invite yourself to a party you are not really invited to...

Birthday invitations are constantly handed out at school and Elias has lost his invitation cards more than once. One time I had to ask the mother if Elias perhaps was not invited, but of course he was, the card had just gone mysteriously missing. Last week I found out that some of the children had been invited by one of the girls in the class, except for Elias. I assumed that once more, he had lost his inviation card and decided to spring into action. I emailed the mother, explaining that my son must had misplaced his card somewhere and if she please could send me the particulars of the party.

Today we went on another party and I decided to ask around among the other mums. Well, it turned out that most of them were not invited at all, only a few of the kids in the class. So, I had more or less invited myself to this girls party without being invited at all...embarrasing!

I am spending even more time by the computer, editing my photos. I have to do a few more photo tours around town before I can complete my book about Singapore.

The weather has been extremely hot the past month. I never thought Id be complaining about the weather, especially coming from a cold country like Sweden. But here I am, in the tropical heat, still complaining!

I guess I should start counting down until we are leaving Singapore, but I have been too busy with other things. Next on my to do list is finding a Chinese cabinet, a painting and a bookshelf. And hopefully visit Bali.

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