Friday, May 9, 2008

The making of Kimchi, part II

Today was a busy day. First we had the aircon service over for some chemical cleaning. That took about an hour. Apparently, you have to do a chemical cleaning every year and it was more than two years ago since the last time... How would I know, my experience of aircons is limited. At eleven I met up with Eunice at the Korean shop and we bought necessary ingredients such as chili powder, shrimps and fish sauce. While Eunice was mixing and chopping, I was only standing behind, feeling a bit awkward of letting her doing all the work. Finally, the kimchi was done and she adviced me to let it soak in for about two days. She offered to teach me other Korean dishes and I promised her that I will show her some Swedish cooking.

Husband arrived after five days away, so he was immediately sent to school to pick up Elias while I went shoe shopping.

The afternoon was hot and sunny, so I spent an hour by the pool, reading before all the kids and mums came down to play. Tomorrow we are meeting Tim for a playdate at Eunice house.

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