Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day

Yesterday it was Mothers Day and husband arranged a surprise for me and my friend A. They bought us a nice bottle of champagne and strawberries, selected a nice spot on the beach where we could sit and enjoy our drink while they were looking after the children. Well, I was sipping champagne and feeding Joli at the same time but it was ok. We spent the entire day at Sentosa and the kids really enjoyed themselves, including Joli who was walking in the sand in her bright pink swimming trunks and had a fabulous time! She didnt mind joining us in the water either! After a few hours of swimming, I and friend A decided to take the monorail back to Vivo city and do some shopping while husbands and kids went to the luge. We met up in the late afternoon for dinner at the German restaurant Brotzeit and enjoyed a very delicious meal and for dessert, cheeseplatter with red wine! Do I need to say that I was stuffed afterwards, and totally knackered! When we came home, Joli fell asleep immediately and I did too! I think the whole family were sound asleep by ten o clock! But it had been a great day!

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  1. Hej raring! Håller på att kolla igenom alla bloggar jag försummat den senaste veckan och din är min första anhalt! Happy mother's day i efterskott! Låter som ett fantastiskt sätt att bli firad! En eloge till maken!

    En semeter till så snart inpå din förra! LYXLIV! :)Vi åker till Ponza över min födelsedag, kan knappt tåla mig! Känner mig enormt utarbetad - hemmafrulivet är tärande... :D