Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Obsessed with photographing

Last christmas, my husband gave me a new digital camera since I was complaining about my old one. I think I used it only a few times, didnt feel any interest in taking pictures. Until last year, when we went on our first trip to Vietnam. And after that my interest in photographing has increased, reaching its culmen in Cambodia where I took over 300 pics! Now I found it incredible relaxing and exciting to take little photo tours on my own around the city, finding new angles and composing different themes. I am hooked! Currently working on three different photobooks and spending even more time in front of the computer...sad but so addictive! My latest project is to convince husband that we do need a digital Nikon for the best shots!

Today, I and friend A went to Orchard Hotel for the Fancy Fair, where I found serveral wonderful things. I managed to buy the book "Sasha in Singapore" and got it signed by the author. I found lovely hand made glasses from China and sticky labels for Elias lunch box and other items. The best and most inspiring though, was a beautiful post card with four, square shaped photos, combined in a bigger square. All four displaying different images of Singapore. The composition was lovely and the photos where just fantastic. It gave me wonderful ideas of what you can acutally do with your photos except for putting them in an album. So we will see...!


  1. Den här Nikon hur är den som digitalkamera? Jag behöver en ny men jag vill inte ha en för dyr och avancerad eftersom jag är amatör men samtidigt vill jag kunna zooma lite bättre osv så man kan få fina bilder till bloggen. Några tips?

    Kram Mia

  2. Hmm, jag tar ofta 300 bilder på en dag... vad gör det mig till om du kallar dig sjäv obsessed? Eeeek! :D

    Jag drömmer om en Canon EOS 350D (eller Rebel XT som den oxå kallas), är det den du har? Enligt min svåger (skitduktig fotograf) är det den bästa amatörkameran man kan ha, men han avrådde mig från det köpet eftersom han tycker att min nuvarande kamera tar ungefär lika bra bilder. ACK, jag som vill ha en ny leksak! :)

    Bilderna i sidofältet, är det du som tagit dem? Jättesnygga!