Thursday, May 29, 2008

Saying goodbye

Tomorrow I am invited to a friends place for farewell drinks. She is leaving for Dubai, so I will definiately see her there, but despite the fact, it is sad and it reminds me about my own farewell in less than two months. I and my friend D, who is moving to Guangzhou in China, are organizing drinks and finger food at my condo in a few weeks time. The week after, she is leaving for the lovely island of Sanya, outside of the Hainanese Bay and then to Guangzhouz, in the heart of Canton. Leaving Sweden was less dramatic than I had expected. Maybe because you alway know that in one way or another, you will alway return home. With Singapore I am not so sure, maybe we will come back for a few days of vacation. What has made Singapore special, is all the new friends I have found and a few of them are moving away, so it will not be the same. That is the downside with being an expat, people are always on the move, that is how it is.
Though my homesickness for Sweden is growing stronger. I can not wait until I walk on the narrow streets of Varberg, eat a gigantic ice cream with chocolate topping at "Tre toppar" or play the traditional round of minigolf, which I always lose...

Regarding the camera, we are still looking for the perfect one. It takes some time, but it is worth waiting for!

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