Saturday, May 3, 2008

Shipping handbags, a criminal act?

I am a handbag freak, I have this thing for handbags and if I didnt restrain myself, I would end up with hundreds of them. I simply love handbags! To be able to buy even more of these precious little things, without feeling too guilty about it and to avoid husbands standard comment "you already have hundreds of them" I decided to clear out my handbag wardrobe. There were a few of them that I seldom used but still they were too nice to be given away to the Salvation Army, so I decided, in a big-hearted moment, that I would send them to my mother in Sweden. Well said and done, I packed them neatly in a big box and off they went, it cost a fortune! After a few weeks, my mother called me with a very concerned voice. She had been contacted by the Swedish Customs, being asked to pay over 500 SEK in value added tax, otherwise they wouldnt be delivered to her. My mother refused to pay and told them to send it back to me. Last week, the handbags returned to me and I was asked to pay again, for the delivery, almost the same big amount as I already paid at the post office. I refused and I dont really know where they are now. Apparently, if you are sending goods from outside the EU to a country within the EU, you have to pay value added tax if the amount exceeds 500 SEK. I had written on the little declaration note that the three bags all together were worth around 1000 SEK. So, what did we learn from this? Dont give your handbags away.

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  1. Darling - lärdomen borde vara att ärlighet inte varar längst... :D Nästa gång du skickar nåt så skriv en struntsumma på paketet, därmed minimerar du dessutom risken att det "försvinner" på vägen. ;)

    Kul att se att du gett dig in i utrikiskans sfär!