Thursday, June 12, 2008

Farewell party, again......

Tomorrow, I and my friend D are hosting a farewell party for our Singapore friends. Food has been prepared, wine bottles have been transported from the wine shop to our place and we are more or less ready. I have made a Janssons Tempation and some home made meatballs and my friend D is making blinis with lumpfish roe and sour cream, lovely! Hopefully we will be around 20 people, drinking and chatting the evening away! It is indeed very sad to leave these wonderful people I have gotten to know, but that is how the expat life is.

Yesterday, our Teresa was invited to a birthday BBQ by a friend, also a maid, from the same country as her. And she brought her "family" along. So there we sat, among a huge group of Philippine maids, eating really yummy food and chatting the whole evening. It was a perfect BBQ, they are all very friendly and generous. Howcome people who have the least, always, or almost, share the most?

This morning, husband arrived after a week away. He unpacked his bags and then it was time to rush back to school for the performance "Were going on a food hunt". The performance lasted for about 15 min, with the kids dressed up as vegetables and singing songs. Elias was a carrot, which was very suitable, since he loves carrots. After the performance, there was a small tea party where parents had to bring some cookies or other food to share. The whole event was arranged to raise money for the less fortunate in Burma and China. After the performance, Elias went home with us and spent the rest of the day with his dad. I took the opportunity to sneak down to the pool for some well deserved "me- time".

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