Sunday, June 15, 2008

It is sad to say goodbye...

It is truly sad to say goodbye to all these amazing, funloving and wonderful girls! We had a fantastic evening with great food and so many wine bottles we lost count! Our friend T, who is also moving to Dubai, brought Gin, Rum and Tequila Mix...didnt make things more sober... Friend G arrived with kids and maid but went home with them early, only to return an hour later with another bottle and a pack of fags!
Around one in the early morning, my friend D finished her last gin and tonic and went home and I crawled into bed, too tired to even notice that husband arrived from his boys night out. Or more, boys night with pizza and X-box...
Saturday started off early since I had decided with friend M to take a trip up to Dempsey Hill to look at some Chinese Antiques. So off we went and my God, so many lovely things, I wanted to buy the whole shop right away. I found a few smaller pieces which I brought home with great pride and friend M came home with an enormous painting, picturing a Buddha with four arms.. Very beautiful, Hinduism meets Buddhism sort of... I came home in the afternoon and only had time to greet my husband when it was time to dash off to a birthday party, fortunately at our condo so all I had to do was to take the lift downstairs. We had a lovely meal and some beer (so much alcohol is involved in everything I do... very scary indeed) and chatted the afternoon away with friends while the kids entertained themselves at the playground. In the evening, one of husbands future colleague came by for dinner and more wine...
I am actually very glad that it is Monday tomorrow, I need som quiet time to relax! Although I am bringing husband to Dempsey Hill to take a look at the Chinese cabinets and hopefully decide on one or two!


  1. Du bara partajar och partajar!! Bra övning ger färdighet! Nu bokar jag Barcelona, semestern är fixad!

  2. Oh vad mysigt det låter, gumman! Fast vad din lever säger om ditt leverne förtäljer inte historien, va? :D

    Hoppas ni hittar det perfekta skåpet, är sjukt avundsjuk - vill oxå ha! :)

    Vi har det bra här, laddar för resan till Sverige om bara 8 dagar! GAAAH, det är så snart, hur ska jag hinna planera allt? Vi stannar till den 6:e - kommer du att vara i faggorna under den tiden? Annars ses vi när du kommer hit och hälsar på lite senare, har vi sagt augusti? Vi försöker planera in en resa till er i Dubai nästa år, kul va?