Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sex and the City

Yesterday, I and about twenty other girls went to see Sex and the City, the movie. To get in the right spirit, we met up at Zouk Wine Bar for a few glasses of wine. Most of the girls had actually made an effort to dress up Sex and the City-like. Boring me skipped the glamorous outfit and wore only a pair of simple jeans and a tunic from Lindex! It was a pleasant evening, one girl I got to know has been working for Emirates, and another is also married to a pilot. We all seem to have children at the same school, although I did not recognize them...

We were just in time when the 30 min long footage started and a bottle of red wine was secretly passed round all the girls. And how was the movie? Well, it was beyond my expectations, funny, sad, crazy...very Sex and the City. And the outfits were gorgeous and hideous at the same time.. And I want to move to New York, now!

Today, I am meeting up with a friend to plan for our goodbye bash. It is only a week away, time flies. The closer to our departure date, the more homesick I get. I know I should cherish the last month here in Singapore, soak the sun, splash in the pool...but all I can think of is coming home. The packing has not started yet, it is far too early. The goal for next weekend is to find a tasteful, exotic, although not too exotic Chinese cabinet, or two... So far I havent got the slightest idea of what our house will look like. But I do want to bring some memories of Asia with me.

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  1. Vad kul att filmen var bra och att du hade skoj med kompisarna!

    Hur går det med flytten? Är ni redan i Sverige? Vi är tillbaka i Grottaferrata efter en semester på Ponza. Måste gå igenom ett antal hundr foton, mamma tjatar så förfärligt om att hon inte får se nog av sina barnbarn... :D

    Massor med kramar!