Monday, August 4, 2008

Pictures from the beach

Today, when the rain is pouring down again, our sunny days at the beach seem very distant... Yesterday, we went to a very small village Mårdaklev, consisting of a few houses, in the middle of now where. An old mill is resting nearby a tiny river and inside, it is filled from floor to roof with treasures of all kinds! Like a heaven for flee market enthusiasts, a paradise for "collectors of old things" (some insensitive people might call it old junk...). I took my time, went through the whole collection with a careful eye and found a lovely dinner set! The plates where just adorable and excactly what I have been searching for, a bone white or beige coloured plate with a thin gold line around it. So I bought eight of them and eight small plates as well. Needless to say, I was quite pleased with my bargains. We celebrated our baragins with some freshly made coffee and blueberry cake! Wonderful!

I have truly missed flee markets, they dont have that in Singapore, the only thing they have is garage sales, but that is not the same, not the same amount of old and lovely things to a bargain price, not the same atmosphere. So while I am here in Sweden, I will try to visit as many flee markets and second hand shops as possible!

Well, to chear me up, here are some pics from the beach. As a memory that we DID have sunny days!

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  1. Å vad fina de är, ungarna dina! Kan du skicka hit regnet - bara en dag, det räcker bra, men gudars vad jag längtar efter lite regn.

    Grattis till fyndet, låter superfint! Jag hoar också tänkt leta upp något sånt när vi flyttar hem igen.