Thursday, September 11, 2008

A daily routine

Our visit to the church play group was successful. We had coffee, sang different songs about God and listened to how God created the world in seven days... One of the ladies responsible for the playgroup put a lot of different animals on a board to illustrate her story, when my son spotted a fish on the board. With a loud voice, he interruped her: When I went fishing this summer, I caught a really big fish, nearly 1 kg! Everyone smiled at him and then the story about Gods creation continued, followed by a prayer before coffee break. We all made new friends and my darling daughter managed to behave, no biting, hitting or screaming today. This wild girl was exhausted after two hours of intense running and playing and slept for two hours while I was taking a long, long walk around town (or, around the village rather...) I managed to take some nice autumn pictures and felt very creative. Elias spent the afternoon with his grandmother and was delivered later by the door, in time for supper!

Tomorrow, we are planning to attend another playgroup and Elias is already looking forward. So today was a very good day!

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