Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Settling in

Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures yet to show you, but as soon as I settle in, they will come! Today was Elias first day on the school bus. At 7.10 in the morning, a small bus turns up outside our hotel and off he goes, my son, all of sudden a big boy!! I and Joli went back in and it was nice to take it a bit slow in the morning. Yesterday was crazy, it was Elias first day at school and we had booked a taxi at 7, just to make sure that we would arrive on time, since the traffic is crazy here and the school is about 30 minutes away (when the traffic is good!). Off we went, excited and anxious to make a good first impression. Joli was in my lap and as we are getting closer to school, she all of a sudden vomits on herself and on my lap, my bag and the taxi seat of course...The taxi driver didnt say anything, he just opened the window a little bit. Covered with baby puke and with a screaming baby, we arrived to Elias school. I tried to find a toilet and wash off the worst but there was a huge, wet stain on the front of my dress and my daughter had to walk around in only her nappy and shoes... We managed to find Elias class teacher, dropped him off with his bag, his PE kit and his new hat and waited for a few minutes for friend T to pick us up. We went to her house nearby for a coffee and a sandwich! Since it is ramadan, it is strictly forbidden to eat and drink in public. Most cafes and restaurants are closed, only a few are open and they are hidden behind dark curtains. Needless to say, no alcohol is served... After a nice coffee break and a quick wash up in their bathroom, friend T, Joli and I went to Dubai Festival City, a large shopping mall which also has the only IKEA store in Dubai! They must build these stores after a certain design, cause this one looked exactly like the one in Tampines, Singapore... I found what I needed, some candle light holders, table cloths, kitchen utensils, a high chair... They also had food, which was a nice surprise! So I bought some anchoves, Kalles kaviar, Singoalla biscuits and meatball sauce! After that, it was time to go back to school and pick up Elias. During ramadan, the school hours are shortened and they are to be picked up at 13.30 instead of the normal time 14.30. Still in my stinking but at least dry, dress, I greated Elias outside his classroom. It had gone well, no tears and he had been doing fine! We went home with friend T and her son A to their house again, had some more coffee and then we took a taxi back home. I was dreading the taxi ride, would there be another incident??? But no incident this time and we were home quite quickly, no major traffic jams. I felt exhausted and me and the kids fell asleep at eight o clock that evening...

Today, Tuesday, I have spent some time at Mall of the Emirates... We bought some glass jars for the kitchen, some food and other useful things and got home in time to pick up Elias from the school bus. The most frustrating thing with the traffic is that you never know when the roads are congested, you can never plan ahead. Some days are fine, others are horrible. A ride that normally takes 25 minutes, can sometimes take up to one hour and a half! And it is hard to get a taxi, not like in Singapore at all. But soon I will try to drive around on my own and at least avoid the taxi problem, of course, there will still be the traffic jam problem.
We are spending the afternoons by the roof top pool, it is rather small and the water is very warm, but the kids love it and they meet some friends, and so do I! Which is nice! But apart from these minor problems, it is nice here, it is good. I cant wait until ramadan is over, and life gets back to normal and you can have a coffee outside, or a meal, or a drink!!!


  1. I wonder why the U.A.E. and the U.S. gov't has done nothing about the torture committed by the brother to the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi.

    See the video at www.uaetorture.com

  2. Hoppsan, vilken början på dagen :( Skönt att allt gick bra i skolan och så iaf! Låter som om ni har det mysigt :) Jomen eller hur, Ikea är ju praktiskt och bättre kvalité än många andra butiker jag varit i i många länder måste jag säga. Hehe ska göra det :) Ska beställa något iaf av allt det jag visade :) Ja, visst är kronorna underbara :) Hittade fina handdukar på Likasom.com från Himla, sååå söta!

    Ha en fin dag imorgon!

    Kram Susanne

  3. Jag ser fram emot bilder av din nya spännande vardag. Eller kanske bara "vardag" för dig men för mig här i betongförorten låter det superspännande :D

  4. Oj, vilken start på dagen! Tur att alt gick bra till slut. Lyckliga du som har IKEA inom räckhåll...jag förstår inte att de inte finns här i Sydamerika. Härligt att vid behov kunna få några svenska varor...
    Ser fram mot bilder från ditt nya land så småningom...
    Ha det så bra!
    Kram Ninni

  5. Holy shit, vilken början på dagen! tur att den blev bättre!
    ja, vad vore expatlivet utan IKEA... ;) Jag har bara en 10-minuters bilväg (1.5 timme på söndagarna när hela Roms och Castelli Romanis befolkning vallfärdar till IKEA-mecca) dit och varje gång vi kör förbi så frågar Oliver om vi ska till Aj-kea (Ikea på engelska - hur sött är det?), ett tydligt tecken på att vi tillbringar för mycket tid på sagda inrättning.
    Men tack gode gud för att det finns nånstans att få köttbullar, kaviar och vettig ost!

    Anyway. Kul att Elias trivs i skolan och att du känner dig lite settled in.

    Saknar dig, stumpis!

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