Sunday, September 21, 2008


After a week of more or less panic, stress and logistic issues, we are finally here, in a hot and sandy and dusty Dubai. We arrived early morning, kids were sleeping during the flight but I only managed to get a few hours, difficult to relax with a heavy baby in your lap. It all went well though, we spent a few hours in Frankfurt and found an excellent playground in terminal 1 where the kids ran around before it was time to board our plane to Dubai. I am not too fond of Frankfurt Airport, cold, dirty and unfriendly, not very service oriented, not at all like wonderful Changi Airport in Singapore. But we do not have much of a choice, all our flights seem to pass through Frankfurt. This time, we took the skyline between the terminals and the kids loved it.

On our first day, after unpacking and updating with husband, we went to the big Mall of the Emirates, a mall with an indoor skislope and snow...You can imagine how big it is. We went shopping and had lunch behind dark curtains. Since it is now ramadan, you are not allowed to eat or drink in public, out of respect of those who are fasting. I got myself a simcard and feel connected to the world again. In the afternoon, our rental car arrived and we went on a tour to Elias new school and the cozy little area of uptown Mirdiff, where we hopefully are going to live someday soon, as soon as our house is ready. The traffic was not very heavy since it was Saturday, the eqvivalence of our Sunday. Today, it is Sunday, which is like our Monday...The weekend here is from Friday to Saturday.

Today, we are going to IKEA and buy some more kitchen utensils, our hotel apartment is not very well equipped, unless you want to live on instant noodles...! We are also going to buy Elias school uniform, some more groceries and do a bit of paper work at husbands work. So a busy day today! Tomorrow, if everything goes well, is Elias first day at school and we are taking a taxi, I have to give it a few more days before I start driving him to school!


  1. Tack för superfin blogg och det ska bli kul att höra mer om ert liv i Dubai. Du är verkligen duktig på foto!
    kramar Anna

  2. Hej!

    Vad bra att ni kommit fram nu. Vad spännande att titta sig omkring och hitta saker som ni behöver! Ska bli spännande att se mer bilder därifrån. Så bra att ni redan hittat skola och en mall :P Oj ja kan tänka mig att den är enorm!

    Kram o ha en fin söndag!


  3. Glömde ju säga att du har något att hämta hos mig :)


  4. Vad kul att höra att ni kommit fram! Jag ser så fram emot att läsa om dina upplevelser i Dubai. Och jag vill se bilder - adesso! :)

    Massor med kramar!