Friday, September 12, 2008

A walk down memory lane

I brought the kids to play group this morning, or Oppna forskolan, is the proper name in Swedish. It is located in a buildning nearby my old Secondary School and it indeed brought back memories to walk those stairs again... This time with two kids...! We had coffee and the kids were playing while I was discussing old memories with some people I recognized from my early childhood. I had a great time, coming back to my old home town has done me good. Back in 1993, I couldnt leave this place soon enough, there was nothing for a 19 year old, no fun at all. Fifteen years later, my priorities have obviously changed and I begin to appreciate our little town. We do have a sushi bar, a Lindex shop, three other shops with brands like Esprit, Vero Moda, Desigual (wow,was I impressed to find that brand in Kinna) and Filippa K. We have several schools, cafes, a lousy Chinese restaurant, Pharmacy, hospital and all those other necessities in life (Systembolaget included...), even a nightclub and a hotel. If we hadnt moved to Dubai, I even would have considered moving back here. Things do change...!

After three intense hours at the play group, Joli slept like a rock and I went on my daily walk. Since the weather is freezing, according to me, I managed to find my old winter coat in my mothers basement. A black, wonderful thing, bought during Spring sale in 2005 at Macys in New York.


  1. Välkommen hem till lilla Sverige
    Kram Lotta

  2. Hej!

    Vilka härliga bilder du visar, du är verkligen duktig! :) Så vackra. Vad kul att ni hade det roligt på ÖF och den andra lekgruppen :) Och visst är det så, många minnen kommer tillbaka :) Låter som om du har det härligt där uppe!

    Jag har haft sv, eng, sp, fr, ty som översättningsspråk men jag kommer söka sv, eng och sp nu om jag läser till tolk. Får se om kursen går öht... som sagt, inte lätt att hitta kurser.

    Ha en fin helg!

    Kram, Susanne

  3. ja, är de inte helfodrade så kan du ha de vid utgång etc därnere kanske?
    grymt kär i mina iaf så de tänker jag inte släppa var jag än hamnar framöver...

    Ha en härlig helg!
    Kram Mia

  4. LOOOOOVE Desigual, and was so excited to find it at Macy's in the US this weekend!