Thursday, October 23, 2008


Deira is the oldest part of Dubai, or at least one of the oldest. It is the heart of the city, the genuine Dubai. The two parts Bur Dubai and Deira are separated by a creek and water taxis, or abras, as they are called, frequently cross the creek to bring workers and tourists from one part to the other. It is in Deira where the famous Gold Souk is located. I and friend T decided to visit the famous souk and went there a few days ago. I was driving, which was an interesting experience, through narrow streets and with traffic every where, crazy drivers, trucks and pedestrians with a strong deathwish. I managed to find a parking house near the Gold Souk, which saved us some walking in the heat. The Gold Souk was a bit of a disappointment though. However, it was fascinating to walk along the narrow streets and see a bit more of the old Dubai. Sometimes this city seems like a gigantic wonderland for adults with malls, Palm Islands and luxury hotels. This part was very distant from the glamorous Dubai and it was a relief in some way. Along the water side, boats were loading and unloading all sorts of goods.
We stopped by an Iranian shop where they sold all sorts of dates, nuts and other spices. After a nice lunch by the water side, we headed home. I will definitely come back here another time, this is also the perfect place to bring guests!

Elias received an award today at school, for making great progress with his spelling! I was so proud of him!

Yesterday, my creative daughter decided to give my mobile a bath. When she finally returned the phone, it was soaking wet, dripping. So, today I had to buy a new one at Dubai Festival City, since I was anyway there to visit good old IKEA and buy some oven mittens, a new pot and a magazine holder for Elias homework. I also found a nice kitchen radio at Hyperpanda.

Last night, we received a call from our moving company, our goods have arrived from Singapore and has almost passed through customs. We are going there on Monday to pick up a few things, toys, some clothes and my Chinese cabinet, before it is transported to temporary storage.


  1. Hej!

    Vilken härlig bild! Och vad duktig lille Elias är :) Kul att bli uppmärksammad för något som man gjort ju :)

    Haha så mobilen fick bada, inte så bra och inte så kul heller kanske :P

    Vad bra att era grejer är hos er, skönt att kunna de egna grejerna och inte behöva bo i möblerat.

    Kram och ha en fin helg!


  2. Thanks for the info on the Gold souks..had planned to visit Dubai during the shopping season coming up in January and get my little 2 year old some small jewelery from the souks.

    Could you recommend some cheap Dubai hotels like this one? They only have accommodations in Bur Dubai, Al Barsha and Sharjah. Wanted a hotel in Deira.