Thursday, October 9, 2008

Madinat Jumeirah

Yesterday, we went to Madinat Jumeirah. It is a large area with three hotels, canals and an Arabian souk in the middle with shops and restaurants. It was less hectic during daytime and we strolled around, watched the water taxis, or abras, passing by with hotel guests, enjoying the lovely view of Burj al Arab against the blue sky... My daughter didnt enjoy it as much as I did...she was far more interested in throwing herself into the canal so we soon left the Madinat and headed for our usual destination, Mall of Emirates, where we did some shopping.

The traffic has been mad during these days, there is some convention going on in town and all streets are clogged with impatient drivers. I try to remain cool, I do not want to get into a car accident. If you by any chance get involved in an accident, you must remain on the spot and wait for the police. If you dont have a police report, you can not claim any insurance and you can also be wrongly accused of trying to escape the crime scene, something that can lead to a few months in prison. According to well informed sources, if you necessarily have to run into someome or the other way around, it better be someone who is below you on the social ladder. Smashing the car of a great sheikh, or any other local Emirati for that matter, is not recommendable. Better to run into some poor Bangladeshi or Pakistani foreign worker and you will be sure to receive the green report paper, stating that you are innocent.

Today, we are off to headquarters again to continue the endless process of getting our visa..and then lunch in Uptown Mirdif and a quick look at some villas, that according to rumours, are to ours in a, what seems to be, quite a distant future... But at least its fun to take a look.


  1. Vilken panik att inse att du krockat en shejks bil!!!
    Nej du, båda händerna på ratten (tio i två-fattning), glöm inte att kolla döda vinkeln samt att krama varandra i trafiken :D

  2. Förstår att du kan längta efter Sverige och färgerna på hösten, men du ser ut att ha det bra.
    Kram Lotta

  3. Hej!

    Så härligt ni verkar ha det :) Mycket att se och hitta och bekanta sig med gissar jag :) Så fina bilder du tar också! Och så söt din dotter är!

    Hehe usch ja, krocka inte med en i högre stående rang :(

    Kram o ha en fin helg!


  4. Livet är inte rättvist, speciellt om man krockar med en shejk.., hjälp!! Du är cool som kör runt på egen hand!! Ska tänka på dig när jag drar mig för att köra bil

  5. Kan Joli BLI sötare?
    Ta't lugnt i trafiken (sheik eller inte, vill inte ha dig inblandad i nån oycka!)och tänk på hur trist livet vore utan lite utmaningar... :)