Sunday, November 16, 2008

The weather Gods are saluting my new job...or not

Rain is a rare event in the UAE, so this morning, when we woke up by thunder and lightning, strong wind and RAIN, we were taken by surprise. Literally, the whole of Dubai was taken by surprise. Traffic is usually mad on Sunday morning when people are getting back to work after a nice weekend, but today it was worse than ever. Especially the Greens area, it was packed. And of course, I was in the middle of all that, on my way to work for the first time in years!!! I left a quarter to eight and reached work at 9.30, one hour late. A drive that normally takes 15 minutes when traffic is normal. Frustrating is not enough to describe my feelings. Fortunately, everyone was a bit late to the office, but I think I came in last... Very good first impression. Eager to show that I indeed earned my place, I began flicking through manuals and tried to get a hint of what I was supposed to do.. I think I have a fairly good idea, although my dear teamworker and I didnt really manage to find a common language...
A quarter to six, I left the office and the drive back took only half an hour, a miracle considering that everyone is on the road by that time. I am tired but it feels good to be home after my first day at the office!!!
Tomorrow, I have an off day since I only work three days a week so I and daughter are doing our usual trip to the church playgroup for some waffles!


  1. Hej!

    Vad jobbigt att sitta i bilkö :( Hoppas att de har lite överseende på första dagen och allt :P

    Och vad gott med våfflor!

    Ha en fin kväll!

    Kram Susanne

  2. Du gör storartad entré i arbetslivet - så skulle jag se åskan och dundret :D

  3. Grattis till jobbet :-)

    I morgon är det "sista sucken" ;-)

  4. Men är trafiken galen för att det är mycket folk eller dålig infrastruktur? Jag menar Dubai måste ju se bättre ut än de flesta västländer...

    Jag är likadan som min pappa, det hela är skrivet med kärlek i rösten. Jag har också världens temperament i bilen. Om jag någon gång får en hjärtinfarkt lär det vara i bilen...

    Kram Mi

  5. Great to hear that you are back at work and enjoying the UAE! I will be back in Singapore for a holiday in December as well as to stock up on essentials (after months of deprivation). Love to hear about your adventures!

    Speak soon and take care.