Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend at the park

This weekend we spent both days at different parks. On Friday, we went house hunting in Mirdif, although we didnt find anything we liked, it was still interesting to see what is being offered to us. After that, husband had to go back home to study so I and Elias decided to go for a picnic at Mushrif Park, in Mirdif with friends. The park is enormous with swimming pools, play areas, BBQ areas, picnic areas, horseriding, camelriding, amusement area... We sat down in the shade with nice subs and a cold drink while the boys played in the playground. Elias fell asleep on the way home, totally knackered after a long day outdoors!
On Saturday, I brought the kids to Safa Park, which is much closer to where we live now. It is fairly big, with an artifical lake in the middle where you can rent a boat. Several playgrounds around the park and lots of space for picnic, BBQ or other fun activities! We spent a few hours there and then decided to go back to the hotel and roof top pool. The children fell asleep six o clock, must be a new record and I was dozing off in the sofa, waiting for husband to get home from work.
Today is the beginning of a new week, Elias is off to school and I am preparing for a girls trip to Karama this afternoon.
Elias was very proud last week, he and the entire year 1 and 2 had a celebration at school, performing as different animals, singing and reciting little poems. He also scored all points on his spelling test! I was so proud of him!


  1. Hej!

    Låter som en härlig helg! Vad duktig Elias är! Han verkar ha funnit sig väl tillrätta :) Har du Joli hemma hela tiden eller är hon också på någon form av daycare?

    Här börjar det bli lite svalare får man säga och jag har inhandlat en ny fin overall till A. Han fryser i princip aldrig men overall är ju bra att ha :P

    Ha en fin vecka!

    Kram Susanne

  2. Hej!

    Så himla härlig bild på vattnet du har :)

    Du har en utmaning att hämta hos mig om du vill!

    Kram o ha en fin tisdag!


  3. WOHOOO för Elias! Synd att ni inte hittade något hus, hoppas det dyker upp något perfekt snart!

    Är lite avundsjuk på ert fina väder och alla utomhusaktiviteter ni ägnar er åt. Jag inser hur lat jag är i jämförelse med dig! Jag tycker jag gjort det bra när jag släpat ungarna till den närmsta lekplatsen! ;)