Monday, December 22, 2008

Moving house

Last Friday, we finally moved house. After a hectic week at work, trying to coordinate my workload and the moving house load, we slept our last night at the Legacy Hotel on Thursday and stuffed our new Toyota Prado (which is a fairly big car) with all of our stuff and still there were two boxes and three suitcases left. Mind you, we have been driving back and forth with stuff the whole week, so I dont understand how things can multiply just over night... On Thursday, the stove man, the washing machine man and the curtain man came by to do their fair share. And on Friday, IKEA delivered a whole bunch of furniture which they also assembled in a couple of hours, leaving us in a dirty mess, but a happy one.
Now, most of our things have found their place, still a few more arrangements to make but I am not in a rush. The most urgent would be a TV bench and a TV for the livingroom downstairs. We already have a TV room and the sofa from Singapore upstairs, where the kids have their playroom.
I have been working all days and tried to squeeze in a bit of last minute Christmas shopping after work. Since I pass by IKEA and Festival City on my way home, I have managed to pop in to do some shopping. Only a few presents left and I am all set!
The office is officially closed on Christmas Day and also on Sunday, since that is a Public Holiday according to the Muslim Calendar. I dont mind though, I need some rest! Tonight we have decorated the tree, all of us together. Elias learned to bike without the extra wheels also, so it was a big day for him. It will be even bigger on Christmas, when his very much longed for present arrives, a Quad bike!
Pics of the new house will appear in a few days!!


  1. Ska bli roligt o se den nya huset!

    Plastpingvin!? Haha, dagens skratt. Ja men man tager vad man haver. Så länge det finns stämning i huset. :)
    Här går det rätt bra,skinkan är klar, Jansson står i ugnen och jag är färdig med allt pluggande. Ska nu bara lämna in mig själv på det lokala spa:et - nämligen mitt badrum så jag är fin imorrn för tomten. Julen kan komma, jag är redo!

    Jag som läst böckerna och framförallt sett filmerna blev himla besviken på serien som inte alls följer böckerna.
    Se filmerna istället, de är fantastiska!

    God Jul!
    Kram Mia

  2. Hej!

    Vill bara önska er en härlig och God Jul!! Verkar som om ni har fullt upp där borta :) Ska bli skoj att se bilder från huset!

    Kram o God Jul!


  3. Låter häftigt med fyrhjuling..det skulle min son älska.
    Kram Lotta

  4. Hoppas ni haft en trevlig julhelg..., om det nu är en helgdag overthere!! Vi är i Jämtland och njuter av riktig vinter!! Kram!!

  5. Grattis till huset! Ska bli kul att se bilder!
    Hoppas julen var trevlig! Kom julkortet fram i tid?