Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bab Al Shams

Bab Al Shams means the Gate of Sunlight. It is a desert resort and spa, located in the middle of the desert! We drove for about half an hour out in the desert, surrounded by sand and sand and a few camels along the way. I can not even imagine how the nomadic tribes have been able to survive in this beautiful but at the same time cruel and merciless landscape. During this time of the year, it is quite cold but I can imagine when the thermometer hits 50 degrees... After a while, the Arabic style resort appeared and we went out of our car and walked up to the restaurant. The sand colored terrace shaped buildings offered lovely sofas with multicolored cushions and small tables, overlooking the desert. We enjoyed lovely grilled food, meat so tender it almost melted in my mouth. Not far away from the hotel complex itself, is the Arabic Eveningrestaurant, offering a traditional Arabic buffe, traditional music with belly dance, all situated in a Fort like environment, bringing you back thousands of years. We are thinking about bringing our guests to this fantastic place, it was well worth the drive there!


  1. Nej inte jag heller! Hur fann de vatten? Hur överlevde de hettan!

    Härligt med spa iaf, fast gjorde ni inga behandlingar? Det låter onekligen exotiskt med en bokstabligen oas mitt ute i öknen.

    Kram Mi

  2. Åh vad jag gillar dina bilder!!Vilket härligt ställe ni verkar ha besökt. Har ni upplevt hettan ännu eller är det fel tid på året? Ni har kanske vinter nu?
    Apropå kåldolmar så är det ju konstigt vilka maträtter man saknar, isterband, pölsa och sånt som man inte brukar äta så ofta i Sverige annars...Men nu klarar jag mig ett tag;)
    Må så gott!