Friday, June 12, 2009

Another fine week...

This week started of quite ok, Sunday passed without any major ups and downs and then came Monday. As I was driving to work, listening to Dubai 92 on the radio, life seemed quite good, the music was good, the weather was good (37 degrees at 8 in the morning...) and just as I was about to turn right in to our parking lot, I was suddenly hit by a small Nissan Tiida (those cars are a curse to us, three weeks ago husband managed to bump into one of those small toy cars). The Tiida was trying to overtake me on the inside, as I was making a (forbidden) right turn from the left lane, bad bad choice and he was in my blind spot (should have looke more carefully, I know but my head was preoccupied with details like, have to send 35 dhs for field trip, check out new school in case we have to move, pay for nursery, reschedule ticket home etc etc, so I was not paying enough attention (bad, bad). And off went my bumper and off went the entire back side of his little toy car. Same procedure as last month, calling the police, the red slip (I was unfortunately the guilty one and another fine and this time they even took my licence). Fine to be paid after three days and then I would get my licence back (how generous...). Our car is just a material thing and it can easily be fixed and there were no injuries but still that was enough, I burst into tears while our office driver (who was my moral support and strenght during this little episode) tried to comfort me the best he could.
Our driver parked the car for me (as I was not in the state of driving...) and I marched up to my office, all in tears. After a cup of tea and some comforting words from colleagues, I perked up again. As I said, it is NOT about the stupid car, it was just one of those things that totally messed up my day, the last thing I needed.

I am so homesick I could pack my bag today and just leave. I miss Swedish food, the smell of newly cut grass, the sound of birds, the sound of silence, the smell of forest, sitting by the lake side late night, enjoying the bright summer nights, ICA's hotdogs, my mothers home cooked food, fresh stawberries, the smell of flowers, green grass, blue sky, brigh colours, fresh air. I miss all that!!!

Last week, we celebrated the Swedish National Day at the Norwegian Seaman's church. We sang the national hymn (I was in tears) and then we had coffee and cake. After that, we sang "Idas sommarvisa" (I was in tears again...) and finally "Den blomstertid nu kommer" (tears, tears...). It was so beautiful. It's funny how important these things become as soon as you move abroad. I have never been a fan of traditions, couldn't even bother to do the Christmas decorations until we moved to Singapore, when all of a sudden, Christmas tree, Christmas candy, little Santa Clauses' became very important and Christmas could simply not be celebrated without those life changing items.

Next week, husband and kids are leaving for Wonderful Sweden, and I will remain in the desert for another five weeks.

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  1. Å gumman min. Vad jag vill ge dig en kram. En stor, lång kram. Så ledsen för den dumma nissan som inte förstod att hålla sig på sin plats. Så ledsen för hemlängtan. Och så ledsen för gräsliga 40 grader - herregud hur kan man andas när det blir över 40? Här blir det ju sällan över 40 och det är jag bara glad för, idag var det ca 35 och det var underbart. Precis lagom.

    Har också lite hemlängtan, men just nu är den under kontroll, njuter av den italienska sommaren och vi har fullt upp.

    Ser så fram emot att se dig snart och hoppas (hoppas, hoppas!) att du inte behöver ställa in eller ändra!