Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Sweden

Home, at last. How I missed this lovely, green, non- desert country with its blue sky and green trees, green fields and cold lakes (apparently normal summer temperature, but tell that to someone who has been residing abroad for the past three and a half years). I am enjoying myself, recharging batteries, grateful for every moment in this wonderful, beautiful and GREEN and lush and RAINY country. I have not seen rain in Dubai since early March. Rain makes me happy.

I follow my old routine, pay a visit to the shops in the town centre (which is smaller than Dubai Mall), the annual swim in the lake (to prove that I am still hardcore Swedish, though I must admit that the task gets tougher and tougher for every year). However, my children seem to have inherited their father's Nordlander blood and do not seem to bother that the water is freezing cold. A BBQ by the lake/sea/in the wild nature is also a must-do thing.

Since I have spent more then six weeks on my own in Dubai, I am very keen on spending quality time with the children. Last Sunday, we went to the city of Boras and strolled around, had ice cream and McDonald's (how unusual...), tomorrow we are off to the city of Varberg, on the West Coast for a traditional visit to the Market. On Thursday, I am planning to take the kids to the zoo and on Friday, we have scheduled a dinner date with an old friend of mine who happens to be in Sweden this week.

I am very content at the moment, it's good to be home.


  1. Hej!

    Vilka underbara bilder och så härligt du skriver! Du är verkligen superbra på att förmedla känsla när du skriver! Hoppas att ni har det härligt! :)

    Stor kram, Susanne

  2. Det låter som du/ni har det jättebra!! Synd att vi inte kan ses, men nästa år måste vi försöka få till ngt igen!!

  3. Ah vad skönt att höra att ni har det sa bra!! Maste verkligen vara otroligt skönt att vara hemma i Sverige efter er langa och heta sommar i Dubai!

    Hoppas att i far det fortsatt bra! Njuuuut!

    Kram fran Lisa