Wednesday, September 9, 2009


September is a hectic month, school starts and there are a few things to be sorted out: school transport, payment for school transport, enrollment in nursery (which nursery is the best one among a million to chose from???) payment for bus transport to nursery, purchase of school uniform, bag, PE bag, swimming bag, school hat.....Meet and greet with teachers at new school and nursery, one million information papers from school and nursery, lunch box purchases (Spiderman for the son and Dora for the daughter).

Office shifting and still no internet after more than a week. Everything is in a mess, files to be sorted and printers to be connected... in the meantime we try our best, some of us are working from home.

Afternoons are spent at the Poloclub and the lovely swimming pool. Most of our neigbours are spending the afternoons there so you can always find someone to chat with.

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