Saturday, October 10, 2009

Our house

I was at first very reluctant to moving to the new compound. The thought of changing school and leaving all the convenient shops and take away restaurants, not to mention the Swedish Pizza, felt a bit sad. But I must say, I do not have any regrets at all. The compound is lovely and the kids are out playing everday, biking, running, walking and it is perfectly safe.
We have supermarkets nearby, only a few minutes drive away from our house and we are conveniently located near the club, where we enjoy swimming during the weekends. The school buses and taxis have started to find their way to our compound as well and it does not feel that far out as it did in the beginning.

The kids are truly enjoying themselves, during the weekends, I hardly see my son, he is always outside playing or at a friends house. We all know each other in the neighbourhood and keep an eye on each others kids.

Our next project at home is to sort out our garden. Husbands idea is to create some sort of desert landscape in the back and to put bricks and big pots with flowers in the front, where we are going to have our bbq and our garden furniture.

The temperature has dropped from daily 45 to 35- 40 so it is nice and "cool" outside now!

A few pics of our house and the rest of the compound.


  1. Det ser ju jättefint ut! Och vad skönt att ni trivs.

    Och gud vad svalt och skönt ni har det.. ;) Här visade termometern 10° när vi landade. Lägg till lite duggregn pa det.

    Kram Lias

  2. "nice and cool outside" hehe, här i Lund är det mössa och vantar som gäller och vi är ändå de lyckligt lottade då alla hemma i Småland vadar fram i snö. usch!

    ser fram emot o se lite trädgårdsbilder snart då!


  3. Hej!

    Så fint det ser ut! Önskar att jag kunde åka dit och ta en titt och bara vara och insupa atmosfären men just nu går det inte. Måste antagligen göra auktorisationsprovet i februari eftersom det kanske inte kommer ges igen förrän om 4 år eller så. Blir stressigt eftersom jag måste läsa in ett helt års juridik och asyl :/ Nåja, får försöka iaf. Hoppas att allt går bra på jobbet och hemma och att ni får en fin vecka!

    Kram Susanne

  4. Very nice place Pia!
    I cant believe you consider 35 - 40degrees cool! I guess i should stop complaining about the measly 30 degrees in Singapore.