Saturday, November 14, 2009

Images of Dubai

Dune Bashing is perhaps one of the most popular attractions among tourists and indeed, a fun one! A caravan of off road cars making their way through the desert sand, one second on top of a sand dune and the next, in the deep valley surrounded by sand mountains. The entire trip ends at a camp, where a delicious local meal and local entertainment awaits you. Grilled chicken and lamb, hummus, salad, shish tawouk, tabbouleh...all the delicacies of the Middle East (mostly the Lebanese kitchen) are being pepared while the show on the centre stage is going on throughout the evening. After a few hours, it is time to leave the camp and return back, not through the desert though, which is fortunate, considering the amount of food one has stuffed oneself with..
Dune bashing
Before we entered the desert, we were offered opportunities to do our own Dune Bashing with Quad Bikes! Perhaps something for the more adventurous, but it is great fun too!

Of course we had time to stop and admire the fantastic Desert Sun Set and as soon as the sun was gone, the temperature dropped rapidly.

The Burj Al Arab, the world's only 7 star luxury hotel, is designed to remind of a billowing sail. However, from the sea side (thanks to the sky bar) it looks more like a gigantic cross...
The inside is much what you can expect from a luxury hotel in Dubai.. a bit over the top, balancing between astonishing and tasteless... The food in the Asian buffet restaurant was amazing though and the service is impeccable. I don't think I was allowed to refill my water glass even once. The restaurant offered all sorts of food from China, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia. We recognized dishes from Singapore, like laksa soup for instance and of course, there was an entire section with only sushi and sashimi! Lucky me!

I have never put my feet on a sailing boat, until last week! And it was a fantastic experience. Not that I did much of active sailing, I was mostly enjoying myself in the sun, with a glass of cold white wine in my hand, munching on snacks. It was great to be able to see Dubai and its landmarks from the sea side. We made a quick stop for swimming and the sailing adventure ended with champagne and cheese platter. Who could possibly complain??


  1. ah vad härligt med bla himmel. Och sol. Blir sugen pa att komma och hälsa pa!

    Kram Lisa

  2. ... och här sitter jag och lyssnar på regnet i den mörka novemberkvällen. Asfalten är blöt och svart och liksom bara SUGER ur mig all energi.

    Och så läser jag om sanddyner, mat och segelbåtar... Lyckos dig säger jag bara ;-)

    Ha det bra!

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