Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dubai Ice Rink

Not only can one go skiing in Dubai (Ski Dubai in Mall of the Emirates) but one can also do a bit of skating! Dubai Mall has an ice rink, smack in the middle of shops and restaurants where they play hockey games, offer skating school and also "free skating". We brought our son and his two friends for some fun time on the ice, this being the first time Elias ever entered an ice with a pair of skates on! He did look like Bambi in the beginning but slowly, slowly he got a grip of the technique and managed to get some speed without falling all the time.
I haven't been skating since I was in Junior High School, about 20 years ago... So I also felt like Bambi when I entered the ice but soon discovered that it is a bit like riding a bike, you will never forget! I had a very good time, trying to remember how to break, how to go backwards, how to twirl around... My stubborn Joli refused to even put her mini skates on. She was just sitting in the cafeteria, watching her brother and his friends. After two hours of skating and falling and skating again, we were all starving and ended up in the Food Court with two huge pizzas and soft drinks. It was a really good day!


  1. Va roligt att åka skridskor! Att ni höll på i hela två timmar fast ni ör ovana att spänna på skridskorna och åka, det var bra! Annars brukar man bli rätt mörbultad snabbt!

    Jag minns när min fd. granne, blev tränare för ett ishockey lag i Dubai på 90-talet,, grabbarna fick inte skjuta hårt mot sargen eftersom det blev märken! De fick måla på sargen efter varje vecka, det gillade inte han som byggt arenan!

    Ha de gott! Har du någon träningsvärk efter skridsko åkningen?

  2. Skickar dig en fotoutmaning,


    Hälsningar Katarina