Monday, July 19, 2010

Silence is golden

I must be the perfect example of a person who cannot enjoy the moment, who either lives in the past or looking forward to the future. A perfect example is now: When the kids are around, they sometimes drive me absolutely insane, all I want when I get home from work is peace and quiet, maybe a good movie, maybe a good movie and a glass of wine...but mainly peace and quiet. So be careful what you wish for, with the kids in Sweden, living the Vida Loca up in the North, it is very quiet here. Too quiet. I will soon start conversations with our dining furniture, or grab one of the Pakistani gardeners and force him to sit down and have some coffee and talk, talk, talk. The kids room is empty, Elias favourite soft toy "Tinkmunk" is resting on the bed, this year he was a big boy, didn't need to bring his soft friend (originally a Chipmunk but he couldn't pronounce it properly a few years back so "Tinkmunk" it was...). No school uniforms or tiny pants in the laundry basket, just me and my silence and it is soooo boring. On top of all this loneliness, I am also working from home, like some sort of reversed icing on the cake...when I could do good with some office gossip and intrigues, some minor disasters and lunch breaks with colleagues.
Husband is working and soon off to Sweden for his vacation, yes, in this Pilot family we have to take turns when both of us are working. So it is husbands turn to go back home and visit the Green Green Grass of Home, and I will sit here in my silent, 48 degree bubble for a few more weeks before they all come back, and the noise level will be alarmingly high again, and I will probably wish for that silence that I never seemed to appreciate when I had it. So typically me.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Sweden- my home

Back after two intense weeks in Sweden and in London. Flight to London went well, kids fell aslepp all over me, knackered. I tried to enjoy some wine and a good movie but couldn't get myself to relax. Once in London, we had a lovely Bagel breakfast before getting ready for next flight to Gothenburg. Little Princess had a minor fit when the Swedish stewardess informed her that she needs to put on a seat belt. Even the pilots in cockpit wear seat belts! Well, as if we already didn't know about the pilots in cockpit, however, I didn't say anything and Joli started screaming which called for another visit by the Swedish stewardess, telling my 3 year old that she had to stop screaming since she would cause hearing damage to the rest of the passengers... well, it didn't really do the trick, Joli kept on yelling until we were ready to take off and then we fell asleep, all three of us, instantly. While landing, the Stewardess seemed a bit more friendly though, asking if we had been flying all night and I said yes, we had. Joli was still sleeping, her seat belt hanging around her knees and woke up just before landing.
The rest of the week went so fast I was actually wondering if someone was fast forwarding us. This is basically what happened:
  • I lost my camera in the playground but it was returned to the police Lost and Found by some sweet 10 year old boy and I got it back (and he earned himself a reward and some candy).
  • We went to Liseberg and won 2kg of Marabou milk chocolate and 2kg of Toblerone. Joli very upset as we went home and she couldn't ride the Story Castle again (previous Peter Pan, for older Liseberg visitors...)
  • Struck by a heat wave and spent entire day by the lake and I managed to burn my fore head... Elias was very fascinated by all the trees surrounding the lake... Well, we don't get too much of that in Dubai.
  • Shopping trip to Boras.
  • Birthday lunch with my dad and his girlfriend.
  • Early flight to Umea, kids well behaved. Three hour stop over in Stockholm Arlanda where we admired airplanes. Yes, we are a pilot family...
  • Arriving to Aunt M's place, enjoying fresh air and green green grass of home!
  • Taking out Grandmother for birthday lunch.
  • Packing and early flight back for me to Stockholm, catching up with good old friends which left me all warm hearted and happy.
  • Another early flight to London and meeting another old friend and hanging out with her.
  • Enjoying pub life, cozy restaurants, cold beers and summer sale. Suitcase alarmingly full...
  • Business class back to Dubai, wow!!! Me like!
  • Back in Sand pit and work.

The End