Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas day brunch, Layan style

The name of our compound is Layan and since a few years back, we have a tradition of doing Christmas brunch. The first year, we went to the Polo club, which was lovely. Excellent food and beautiful surroundings. The following year, the Polo club was already fully booked so we had to find a solution: we did it at the neighbours!! All participating families pitched in and we rented chairs, tables, china, a jumping castle for the kids and Secret Santa. It was a huge success and we have basically continued with our little Christmas day tradition since then. One year we ordered a suckling pig and lamb to be grilled (it turned out to be not so successful, the company arrived three hours late and they didn't quite know how to work the pig...). This year we moved the venue to friend T (same as last night) and it was just as beautiful. Gorgeous food, lovely company and beautiful weather!

What can go wrong with a chocolate fountain?



  1. What a beautiful table...and you had a chocolate fountain...*sigh*!!

  2. Det ser verkligen underbart trevligt och gott ut!