Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012, welcome 2013

I can't believe that this year has come to an end. Mentally, I am still somewhere in March. Time goes too fast!! This year has involved a lot of business travelling to Kenya, Somalia and Sudan but also some fun trips to Bangkok with the girls, Germany with the kids and Portugal with hubby. Hubs and I celebrated our 10th anniversary and in November, my Mum and aunt M came to visit us.
I have another meeting scheduled in Nairobi for end of January and I am also planning a trip to Georgia. My dear friend C is spending three weeks in Tblisi and has invited me over. How can I resist? Georgia (along with the rest of the Caucasus and Centralasia) is one of my dream destinations.

This New Years Eve, we are gathering at our house, the usual gang in our neighbourhood. Friend S went to Langkawi with hubby and kids but the rest of us will celebrate together. I already set the table (yesterday) and also spent the entire evening trying to make my own napkin rings. It didnt turn out the way I wanted so I may have to rush over to the mall and see if I can find anything at Home Centre! We have decided to make ribs for tonigh, perhaps not the typical "New years eve" dinner but I am sure it will be yummy. The baby back ribs are from Nils & Robbys butchery. To make them extra tender, we boil them for a few hours in the slow cooker along with some BBQ- sauce and then put them quickly on the grill to give them some nice colour. It will all be served with baked potatoes and salad. For desert, friend T has made her famous carrot cake and I will attempt to make white chocolate mousse this afternoon (all depends on when I can leave work)!

It has been a good year, an interesting year and I hope the next one will be just as good, or even better.

Happy new year!!!


  1. Happy New Year och ett Gott Nytt År ifrån ett mycket regnigt Sverige!

  2. Gott Nytt År! Ett spännande 2013 väntar. Georgien.. wow!