Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hospital food and a stroll around Wafi

In Sweden, I think hospital food is considered one of the least yummy things you can think of. Usually bland, tasteless and generally boring (as it has to suit everyone’s taste) it normally doesn’t not make to the top ten food list, not even top thousand…. The only time I had the doubtful pleasure of enjoying hospital food was when the kids were born and the culinary experiences from that time are not very memorable. By some reason, they tend to serve the food extremely early, breakfast at 7, lunch at 11 and dinner at 5. At 5!! That is way too early! What do you do with the rest of the afternoon/evening? Starve?
I learned that breakfast during weekends is served around 9 when a very polite Indian guy with a funny hair net on his head knocked on the door and brought two trays of food for us. Elias got fried sausages, two boiled eggs, cereal, milk and fruit salad. I got scrambled eggs, two sausages, Arabic bread and hummus. More than enough to give you a healthy start of the day. I was already looking forward to lunch.
The lunch proved to be just as good. Elias had fried hammour (fish) fillet with vegetable rice and I got chicken fillet with pesto sauce and rosti, for dessert we enjoyed mango mousse with fresh fruit.

Scrambled eggs and sausages


A la carte but where is the wine list???

This reminds more of a hotel than a hospital

We went for a stroll to Wafi mall and admired the X-mas tree

The X-mas village at Wafi mall

As we enjoyed our lunch, we were asked to fill in our meal orders for the following day. At that time we didnt know that Elias was granted temporary leave during the day. Teresa made a wonderful, creamy Spaghetti carbonara for lunch. We all sat outside in the garden, enjoying the fresh air and the birds singing and for dinner Elias requested meatballs with mashed potatoes. Unfortunately we have to go back tonight for more IV antibiotics and stay there over night, but the temporary leave surely lifted his mood (and mine).  I was quite eager to get home and see Joli and during the afternoon we managed to decorat the Christmas tree all together and Elias caught up on his chocolate calendar.

Last night, we decided to take a stroll to the nearby Wafi Mall which is known for exclusive shopping and fine dining. We admired the gigantic Christmas tree and the beautiful little Christmas village before heading towards Carrefour to stock up on some crisps and juice. On the way back we stopped at the Raffles hotel for some cranberry tea and a "fruity" drink for Mum...  We had barely opened our crisp bags before both of us slept like babies. The only thing waking me up was when the night nurse came in to relieve Elias from his IV-drip, but at that time he was already snoring.

Cranberry ice tea. I was very tempted to buy this cute little tea set for myself.



  1. Har inte varit inne här pa ett tag! Vad hemskt...stackars Elias!!! Hoppas han snart blir frisk igen! Men varden verkar det inte vara nagot fel pa ;-) Det är ju skönt att han blir väl omhändertagen iallafall & far vara hemma en stund.
    Wish you better Elias! Krya pa dig!
    Kram, Lisa

  2. An A la Carte menu?!? Wow, -I think they should introduce that at the Danish hospitals:)