Sunday, December 16, 2012

Husband's garden project

The advent table



Chili pepper
My husband had developed a hobby; gardening. And he is taking it quite seriously. The project at the moment is chili peppers. He brings chili peppers home from all over the world, dries the seeds and plants it in our garden. Each little chili fruit has a name sign attached to it so he can follow up on the growth process.
I am not a garden person at all, I like to sit there and admire the flowers around me, but that's it. I can barely keep the plants alive while Teresa is away. Having said that, I do appreciate that I can just step outside and get fresh herbs, corn, tomatoes and bell pepper.
The corn is growing very fast and last year we harvested a few and they were delicious! I hope this year will be as good. Hubby also tried strawberries last year which didn't quite work out so well, mianly because of the heat and the birds also seemed to be very fond of the berries...


  1. Vad roligt att din man börjat odla. Tycker det är extra gott och roligt att äta hemodlat!
    Kram och ha en fin ny vecka!

  2. Japp han ar en riktig hejare pa det ocksa! Tror det ar bra med en mer jordnara (hahaha) hobby for honom nar han ar hemma och det ar ju sa gott ocksa nar det kommer direkt fran tradgarden!
    Kram! Ha en underbar vecka ni ocksa!!!