Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nils & Robby Butchery in Dubai

Despite being a Muslim country, you can still buy pork meat in Dubai, though not everywhere. Grocery stores like Spinneys and Choitrams have special pork sections for Non Muslims only. I normally buy my meat at Carrefour, where I do my weekly grocery shopping and the quality is ok. The only negativ thing is that they don't have a pork section so you still need to do an extra grocery run to get your pork fix.
A few weeks back, my neighbours recommended Nils & Robby Butchery. They are conveniently located next to our office (opposite of Speedex, next to Oasis centre). Their office is one of the smallest offices I have ever seen but the service is good and you can pick up your order after 24 hours, all packed and sealed. Last time, we ordered pork baby back ribs, tenderloin, pork chops and lamb chops and it was all excellent. The tenderloin was amazing and so were the ribs! I have never found the optimal receipe for pork chops but friend L suggested to put them in the slow cooker and that may be a good idea. I normally marinate them over night to make them soft and juicy.

For those who live here in Dubai and are interested in buying high quality meat, contact Nils & Robby Butchery on + 971 4 3384429!


  1. Excellent tip! Maybe that's where I'll find the ingredients for my Danish "æbleflæsk":)

  2. i eat they're drywors, and meat, it is very good.
    i recommend this to meat lovers