Monday, December 17, 2012

When it rains, it pours

Burj Khalifa hiding behind the clouds

Flooded streets outside our office
Rain is a very rare event here in the UAE. However, our first trip to Dubai was a very rainy experience with flooded streets and chaos (almost missed the flight back to Singapore due to the rain, on the other hand, the Singapore Airlines crew were also stuck in traffic....) The year of 2008-2009 was quite rainy with the usual floods here and there, traffic jam, accidents, aqua planning due to mad driving etc. Following years, up until now, have been quite dry. Or very dry. We haven't seen more than a few rain drops over the past years and rain has become something very exotic to us. This year seems to be different though. A few weeks back, the first very heavy rain and thunder storm hit Dubai. The local paper, Gulf news, showed photos of residents in Sharjah and Dubai, up to their knees in water. Since there are no drainage systems here, just a litttle bit of rain will cause major flooding.
This morning is the second "rainy day" here and I start wondering if this will actually be a really rainy winter? Sheikh Zayed Road outside is already a mess and I bet there are accidents reported from all over the Emirate due to the weather. People are not used to driving on wet roads and tend to keep the same insane speed.
I must admit though that I like this weather. I enjoy sitting inside a warm office (warm for once and not A/C freezer temperature) with a hot cup of tea or coffee. A bit of Christmas feeling to it. As much as you can get here at least.


  1. Här känns det som om det bara har regnat den senaste tiden...

  2. Can you please stop the rain before I come back to Dubai Dec 21.?? :)

    1. I will do my best! Today the sun is shining again but it's cold!!!!! :)