Friday, January 25, 2013

Change of plans

I left happily in a taxi on Wednesday evening to Dubai Terminal 2, where all budget airlines are departing from. The check in was quick and smooth and managed to get some treats at the Duty Free and exchange money. The departure hall was full, people were sitting, sleeping, standing and I soon noticed that over half of all FlyDubai flights had been either delayed for more than 10 hours or cancelled. Around 45 minutes before take off, even the flight to Tbilisi was cancelled. By this time, there was a minor chaos with upset people trying to get some sort of information about their  flights. Luckily, since I am a resident, I can easily go out again and go home. I first went to the arrivals hall to get my luggage but was told to see the FlyDubai sales centre so they could off load me from the flight. Well, there were about a million of people there, all pushing and screaming, trying to get first in line (well, there wasn't even a line to start with!). After around 45 minutes, a very nice but slightly stressed out sales agent rebooked me (for free, thank G*d I had decided to click the insurance box when I booked my ticket). Unfortunately, there are only flights every second day to Tbilisi so departure will be Saturday morning, at 2.15. After this tiring experience of waiting, I walked back to retrieve my luggage, only to find out that they hadn't even started off loading. Almost three hours later, the bags finally arrived on the belt and I took a taxi back home, to a very surprised family. Needless to say, I was pretty tired and went straight to bed (this was 6 in the morning) and slept until noon. Since this little interruption made the whole trip two days shorter, I quickly decided to extend it for two more days and will now, hopefully, return on Thursday morning. I learned that the delays were all due to the dense fog on Wednesday morning that caused a huge back log. Most Emirates flights were also delayed but at least not cancelled. One has to see things from the bright side though, so yesterday I went to the pool for a few hours and in the evening, I met up with the girls for some wine. Today I and hubby went to IKEA to buy new office chairs and I found a new pair of boots at the sale. The weather has been amazing, 27 and sun, perfect. So this evening I will head off to the airport for a second attempt to make that flight to Georgia. Wish me luck!


  1. What a nightmare but at least you got to do some fun things ;-) Good luck! Hope there won't be any further delays!

  2. Oj oj sånt strul... Ditt inlägg fick mej alldeles osökt att tänka på Monte Python som sjunger "Always look on the bright side of life...." Bättre lycka nästa gång! Kram