Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Everyday luxury and "I'm a reader"!

I love magazines and I miss my favourite Swedish ones. Previous years, I have subscribed to a few interior design magazines and then collected them when ever I was back home in Sweden. It's perfectly fine apart from the fact that you have to wait for a very long time to read them and it is quite heavy to carry home ten issues of magazines in your suitcase. So this year I decided to arrange for a subscription all the way to Dubai. It is worth the extra cost and I have something to look forward to! The post system does not work the same way as in other countries. There are no mail boxes so all mail is directed to a company mail box at the post office where our drivers go to collect it ones in a while. Husband has post box as well at his work place and private persons can rent post boxes in post offices or community centres but you don't have it in your house. I'm not quite sure why it is this way, maybe cause there are no real street names and different areas can actually have the same names (or most common, just a number, like 17th street). Sending a letter or a package is just as complicated. Most people rely on FedeX or DHLservices as the whole mail system is quite unpredictable. It can take anything from a few days to weeks until a simple letter reaches its destination. In Singapore it was so simple to send letters, post cards and parcels and I miss that.
Anyways, to get back to my subscription. This year I decided on "Elle Food & Wine" and the first January issue just arrived on my desk! Lots of inspiring recipes, wonderful photos and creative ideas, I can't wait to get home and give it my full attention!!

My sweet Joli has been struggling a bit with her letters. Her teacher from KG1 didn't bother to tell me that she was a bit behind on the alphabet and the phonetics until she started KG2 and the new teacher was a bit alarmed that she actually couldn't sound out any letters. Since she is very verbal and has opinions about pretty much everything, she was amazed that her reading ability was so way behind compared to her "normal" comprehension. So we have been practising sight words every day and the other day, she read her first book (very simple words, but still) all by her self and she was so proud. "Mum, I'm a reader, I can read!!!" She also managed to read out the words "salt" on the crisp pack which caused yet another euphoria. When I was a child, I loved books. I could spend hours in the library and I have done all in my power to pass that on to my children. However, my son is not that keen. I have bought him so many books, C.L Lewis, Harry Potter, Wimpy Kid-books but nothing has really caught his attention, until this Christmas, when I gave him Adam Blades' "The Beast Quest". It is a serie of many different books (up to 50 I think) and he truly enjoys them. The text is a bit larger and there are a few pictures to make it a bit easier. And in less than a month, he has already finished three books. Another favourite is Tintin, but other than that, I'm really struggling to find him something that he finds interesting enough. Husband tells me to relax as he wasn't a big reader either when he grew up and now he reads more than I do but reading is so important, not only for the pleasure itself to dig into a new, exciting book but the vocabulary, grammar,  different ways of expression etc that you only learn by reading a lot of books.

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  1. Svenska tidningar, det är nästan det enda jag saknar!
    Och så kul det är när de knäcker läskoden!!!