Wednesday, January 23, 2013

See you in Georgia!

Beautiful mountains in Kyrgyzstan
The weekend has started, tomorrow is a Public Holiday here in the UAE (The Prophet's birthday). Husband is managing the BBQ and the kids are playing in the garden, a perfect evening! I am all packed and ready to leave. The taxi will pick me up at 22.30 to take me to the airport and my flight to Tbilisi will leave at 2 am. Not the ideal time to hop on a plane but what do you do?? I'm excited. My friend C sent a message yesterday, saying that she had booked a trip for us to the eastern part of Georgia. That sounds amazing! Camera batteries are charged, memory card empty, I'm ready! So I'll see you in Georgia!


  1. Have a safe trip and looking forward to lots of pictures! Du är äventyrlig du...härligt!

  2. Hope you're on your way now:) Enjoy your trip!