Sunday, January 27, 2013


I have to admit that my hopes where not that high as I left for Terminal 2 a second time. Check in was quick and I entertained myself with a book while waiting. The departure hall looked completely different, almost empty. That was a good sign, meaning all flights departed as per schedule! I think I fell asleep instantly before take off even! The plane was insanely cold. I looked out the window at some stage and saw tons of loghts beneath, it said Tehran on the flight map. We landed on schedule in a dark and cold Tbilisi. After collecting my light bag, I managed to exchange money to Georgian lari and get a taxi to Abashidze street in the Vake area of Tbilisi. The outskirts of the town reminded me of any post Soviet city with shoebox looking apartment buildings in various grey colours. As we came closer, the city changed to small cozy streets, old houses with beautiful architecture reminding me of Europe. We pulled up outside an old looking house where my dear friend C met up. We quickly moved inside to her small but very cozy apartment. I was still tired so we decided to take a nap before heading out.
Iranian chicken soup

Kebab with bread and salad
Yesterday was a glorious day, sunshine and a touch of spring in the air. We walked along Abashidze street, stopped at a nice cafe for coffee and sandwhiches and then continued walking to the old town. A few stops here and there, chicken soup and beer at a Persian restaurant, another stop at a traditional Georgian restaurant where I hade the best kebab ever! The food is a mix of Turkish, Persian, Greek with noticeable Russian and Arabic influences. There spices are tasty but wont burn your tung off. Another speciality is a large bread filled with cheese, egg and butter and baked in the oven. I saw a Georgian cooking book and will buy it before I go home! Their language is also something that does not resemble anything I have heard before! It sometimes reminds of Persian or Greek with strong "kh" sounds and an unusual combinatipn of sounds and letters! Fascinating! I bought a book "how to learn Georgian" yesterday (it is a self learning book for Russian speakers, I remeber buying similar books in Uzbekistan but for Uzbek language. They are quite old and were all produced during the Soviet era). In the evening, a friend of C and her daughter picked us up and we went back to C's flat for a girls movie night! We saw "Midnight in Paris" by Woody Allen and it wasn't that confusing as expected by a Woody Allen movie! After that we watched "Last night in New York" with Keira Knightley. We had bought draft beer at the nearby shop, some cucumbers, sausages, crisps and doritos to go with our beer. They sell draft beer in the shop and pour it directly into empty plastic bottles! I had brought some vodka but we left it for another evening! After the movie, friend I and her daughter took a taxi home and we went to bed. Today we are planning a trip to a mall, some museums and just walking aroindcin this gorgeous town. There are pelnty of cafes, bars and restaurants and veryone is so friendly!


  1. Who would have thought Tbilisi would be so interesting. I admire are so adventurous and when you want to do something you just do it ;-) Enjoy your stay!