Wednesday, January 2, 2013

To- Do List for 2013

The new year's resolution for 2012 was to eat less carbs and start exercising on a more regular basis. I will definitely continue exercising (currently spinning and running). I feel so much better, more energetic, healthier. Cutting down on carbs is the tricky part as I am real carb junkie. I love potatoes (all shapes and forms), pasta and rice. I could probably live on spaghetti and ketchup only. However, we have now introduced more vegetables (steamed) and sometimes ratatouille or other healthier replacements for the good old potato.
Other things I want to do for 2013 is travelling. I would love to go back to Korea this year, see my good old friend E (we were neighbours in Singapore and she would always invite me over for yummy Korean food and she taught me how to make kimchi) and show the kids what Korea looks like. We have also put Greece on the vacation map for this year. The idea is to rent a house and spend about a week, three families with kids all together. Cooking, drinking wine, enjoying the weather... a bit like Mamma Mia (but without Pierce, unfortunately...).

Post Christmas pre New Years taco dinner

Yesterday, as I was comfortably resting in the TV sofa, I came across a movie called Julie and Julia. It is about Julia Child and the journey that lead to her cooking book "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" and a parallell story of Julie, who runs a blog and decides to cook all the recipes in the book in 365 days. The movie kind of inspired me and no, I won't make a promise to cook one new recipe every day (I can't even come up with something new even once a week) but I have decided to try one new recipe every Friday. Friday is the day I do my groceries so hence easy to plan what ingredients I need and regardless if hubby is home or not (most of the times not) I will still stick to my plan (I may stretch it to Saturdays if Friday proves to be inconvenient). Since we rarely eat desert and cakes in our family (yes, very boring) it will have to be something dinner-related. The recipes can be from anywhere, magazines, books, blogs, internet you name it. And they will be written down in my new "Recipe trial book" which will (needless to say) contain the recipe itself, short summary of the cooking process itself (too messy, complicated, time consuming) and of course, the grand finale, how did it taste? I am very excited about this new project of mine but I am also aware of that most of my ideas normally only make it to the "theory" stage and rarely move further to the "practice" one.


  1. Härligt - ser fram emot detta! (jag kan ju spara recepten tills jag ska återgå till ett "vanligt liv" igen och börja laga mat...;)

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR and all the best for 2013!!! May all your dreams and wishes come true.
    Seems like you guys had a fab New Year's Eve-the fireworks must have been spectacular (saw some on TV). It was very foggy here so rather than seeing all the rockets we heard them instead which was a bit disappointing.
    Isn't "Julie and Julia" an inspiring movie? Sounds like a good little project...I'm totally like you...I love carbs too...a little bit of pasta/rice and potatoes once in a while won't hurt though...but I definitely have to eat more veggies!
    Huggies, Lisa

  3. Vilken härlig blogg du har:) jag följer nu.

    Om du gillar inredning kan du kolla in min blogg:)

    Gott nytt år

    LOVE Maria från