Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Arets bild/Photo of the year competition

I have decided to participate in the "Photo of the year" competition! The competition is arranged by Freedomtravel and the participant shall post what they consider the best travel photo from last year.
My contribution is a photo taken in Seattle in August 2012 where I spent four wonderful days with my children. We were en route back to Dubai from Montana and had some really amazing days in this wonderful city!

The photo shows my daughter Joli, running back and forth through a water fountain wall. Every time was just as hilarious as the previous and she came out laughing! I love the joy and good feeling this photo gives me everytime I look at it! The simple joys in life!
If I win this competition, I would love the 50% discount on a photobook www.vistaprint.se/photo-books.aspx! I love photobooks and this would be a perfect opportunity to collect all our recent travel photos into one book!


  1. Kul att du är med i tävlingen! Härlig bild!

  2. Åh jag tycker den bilden var härlig! Man blir verkligen glad av den!
    Ha en fin dag. Kram Nilla

  3. Underbar bild, hoppas du vinner. Tack snälla för fina hälsningar hos mig. Kram Victoria