Monday, February 11, 2013

Baked fish with garlic cream

One of my favourite fish dishes, and so easy to make!

Fish with garlic cream

600 g of frozen or fresh fish fillets
3 dl of whipping cream
1 pack of garlic cream cheese (any brand is fine)

Put the fish in a baking dish, season with salt and pepper. Whip the cream and add the garlic cream cheese to the cream, mix the cheese and the cream thoroughly. Add some extra garlic if you like. Cover the fish with the garlic cream and bake in the oven for about 25 minutes, or until the cream has a nice, golden brown colour. Serve with either mashed or boiled potatoes and a fresh green salad!

Fish covered with garlic cream, so delicious!

A bit of dill sprinkled on top of your boiled potatoes makes it more festive and it smells divine!

Work wise I am a bit confused. I have lots to do but can't seem to find the right motivation. Parts of our management have relocated to a different continent and that is a bit frustrating especially when they visit Dubai every third week and tend to stir up things during their visit. Mixed, unclear messages, rude comments and no propoer guidelines completely de-motivate me and I cant' seem to upbring the slightest energy to complete even a simple task.

I have been looking for a floor lamp, or some sort of lamp for my living room and spent hours at Mall of the Emirates the other day, looking for THE lamp but couldn't find anything. Yesterday, when I did my usual stroll around Oasis Centre on my lunch break, I literally bumped into THE lamp! And it was on sale! I grabbed it instantly and now it lights up the previous dark corner of my living room!

THE lamp! The photo is of lousy quality with the weirdest angle but at least it gives you an idea! It is more of a gigantic candle light holder than a lamp actually...
Today I'm busy with organizing an internal training session at work. It is mandatory but people are not too thrilled to give up their usual routine for three ours of Health & Safety training! I can understand them from one point, they are all busy as it is but on the other, training is necessary and rather look at it as a resource instead of a burden! To cheer ourselves up a bit, I got some doughnuts for our morning coffee, hopefully the sugar rush will help us staying awake during the training!


  1. MMMM ser härlig ut:) & tack för fina ord.

    Om du vill få några heta fyndtips kan du kika in till mig:)

    ha en underbar vecka

    LOVE Maria

  2. MMMM look divine:) a must try.

    Om du vill ha lite på-landet-inspiration så kan du kolla in min nya post:)

    ha en kanonhelg

    LOVE Maria