Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Breakfast meeting at the Radisson Royal Hotel

Managing the international regulatory and litigation exposures of Middle East business
Well, that is the topic of tomorrow's breakfast meeting, hosted by the law firm Clyde & Co here in Dubai. I'm not a litigation lawyer (I'm a taxation lawyer) but this is still very interesting and very relevant to our company. And the fact that they also serve breakfast during this meeting is a bonus!
Yesterday's dinner was not new at all, meat loaf so didn't bother to take any photos and today's dinner will be the same, but with pasta instead of mash. Husband is leaving again for Manila so it's just me, Teresa and the kids and we try to make it simply when it's just us!
As for my recipe project, it seems to have gone into some form of hybernation. I can't even come up with a decent dinner list for the family these days!
I have started to look forward to our trip to Sweden and I have big plans of trying to bring as much food and other stuff that I can't find in the UAE with me back. Good thing is that Emirates allows you 40 kg per person in business classs and 30 kg in economy!! I want to go wild and crazy in "Indiska", one of my favourite shops and I normally take a stroll around our village (where we have a very limited amount of shops but at least you have time to go through it thoroughly) to find some nice clothes. My home country "Mark" or "Sjuharadsbygden" is very well known for its textile industry. I am sure you have heard of "Kasthall", "Almedahls", "Ludvig Svensson" and "Arvidssons Textil" (maybe not abroad, but at least quite well known in Sweden). I have bought lots of nice fabric there as the quality is very nice with unique pattern made by their own designers.

Well that is all from the UAE for now!


  1. Oh, I love Radisson Royal:) Have a good time!

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  2. Looking forward to a killer Falukorv-and-Snabbmakaroner-recipe:)

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