Friday, February 1, 2013

Home sweet home

The day after our trip to the Eastern part of Georgia, we woke up to rainy and grey weather. We had been very lucky with sunshine the day before! After a nice breakfast at "Le Gateau" in Vake, close to our apartment we decided to walk along Chavchavadze avenue towards the old part of town. I found a book about Georgian cuisine and some fridge magnets and friend C found an English- Georgian book for beginners. In the afternoon, we took a taxi to the Holy Trinity church and lit some candles before heading back to the Georgian restaurant we went the previous night. The service is good and the food excellent! This time we tried some cheese dumplings, the khinkali (meat dumplings) and a veal stew that was amazing! Soft meat in a tomato sauce based on onion, garlic, cilantro and other herbs and warm bread to soak up the sauce. After dinner, we were picked up by friend "I" for a small gathering at our apartment. The evening started well, we decided to open one of the four bottles we bought at Tsinanadali and sometime around 2 am the following morning, all four of them were empty. We enjoyed the wine, listened to Georgian music on our ipads (and other music) and danced from time to time in the tiny apartment.
Needless to say, it was quite hard to get up the following morning and I think we were out the door around lunch time. We decided to have breakfast/lunch at a small cafe on Rustavelli avenue and I think that was our first negative experience of the service and food. I ordered Siberian pelmeni (Russian ravioli or dumplings, filled with meat, almost like the khinkali but smaller). I didnt know that the Siberian pelmeni is covered with a dough that is baked in the oven, so it took a while and we were hungry. After that we walked through Old Town again, discovered a small theatre and walked over to take the cable car up to the ruins of the Narikala caste. A stunning view over the city presented itself and I can imagine how wonderful it must be to stroll around in the summer time. This particular day was quite windy, though sunny and we were both freezing. We took the cable car back and found a cozy book cafe in old town before taking a taxi back home.
C's friends decided to meet up for a traditional Georgian dinner on my last evening. We took a taxi to restaurant "Tifliss", on the other side of the river and quite far from Vake. The food was great, large chunks of marinated and roasted pork on a bed of potatoes, salad, tomatoes, cucumber awaited us. Unfortunately I can't recall the name of the dish!
I was a bit worried that the weather would cause more cancellations but all seemed fine when we went to bed. I think I slept for about two hours before my pre-ordered taxi arrived at 4 and took me to the airport. The airplane departed as scheduled and we landed a few minutes past ten in Dubai. I took a taxi to the office, where I tried to stay awake and look alert but I think I failed miserably.
In the evening, we had a lovely BBQ with hubby and the kids. Such a nice feeling to be able to sit outside without jacket, stockings and boots.
This is the end of this trip but I will definitely go back to Georgia again. I even got hubby interested!


  1. You even got me interested in Georgia!!! Mycket interessant & fint du bjuder pa, tack att vi fick följa med pa din resa. Maten ser jätte god ut. Blev hungrig bara av att titta pa alla korten.
    Kramar, Lisa

  2. Jag har länge velat åka till Georgien och Kaukasus överhuvudtaget. Efter att ha läst alla dina inlägg om Georgien är jag såklart ännu mer lockad!!