Monday, February 25, 2013

I have nothing to wear

Some people are born with this gift of always knowing what's right. Regardless if it's buying a wedding gift or just sending a small thank you card, they have this sense of what is just perfect for the occasion. I must have ended up at the very end of that line when this particular talent was handed out. I have no clue what to bring to dinner parties, I just can't "wrap up" little gifts or write something funny or witty on birthday cards. I'm lucky I can actually spell the word "happy birthday" without messing it up.
This particular "sense" seems not only be limited to gifts or cards but also stretches over to interior design, sense of colour and fasion. Areas where I am also very limited. In a few days time, I have an important meeting and I am already dreading what to wear. It should be simple, black trousers, a nice blouse but then, knowing myself, my mind will play up and I will probably end up in my old jeans, leather boots and a tank top. Shall I wear lots of jewellery, or shall I be modest? Shall I let my hair down or up? Sometimes I wish there were manuals for this, it would have saved me a lot of time.
So I am still debating with myself and will probably do so until five minutes before I have to leave and will put on something really stupid, or with some stains on it.
This afternoon, friend T and I are meeting up at Dubai Festival City, taking the boys to see a movie and after we are hoping to find a nice place to have dinner. Husband left for Mauritius this morning, lucky him. Lots of things going on in my mind at the moment, so I'll make this short for now.
BTW, last night, Teresa made pita chips in the oven, sprinkled with chili and garlic spices. It was amazing! Better than crisps, hopefully healthier too but at least it is home made! And perfect when your pita bread is getting a bit old and you don't really want to throw it away.


  1. Här var det något som kändes väldigt bekant på något jeans är bra - och ett underskattat plagg!

  2. I'm so with you girl!!! Tycker ocksa att det är jätte svart att hitta rätt kläder. What's the occasion? Is it a formal meeting? I probably wouldn't wear jeans to a formal meeting unless they are designer brand. Black pants are always a good choice and a nice top. How do you usually wear your hair?
    Those pita chips sound delicious!
    Kram, Lisa

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  4. Birthdays! Such a terrible invention:)