Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kimchi fix

After I finished a whole jar of kimchi a few weeks ago that ended up with a very upset stomach, my kimchi cravings have been on low but I believe they are starting to wake up, hence the plan to visit restaurant "Kung" tomorrow at the Byblos hotel Al Barsha. The restaurant promises dinner Korean style and they also have separate karaoke rooms!
Another strange thing is happening in my house. My son, who has been very reluctant to homework and with every homework session resulting in a fight between me and him, has gone through a complete change. And I'm not sure what is happening. Just before Christmas, his class was divided due to the lack of a permanent teacher and they were all distributed among the existing classes, an arrangement I was not too pleased with initially but now I think it works really good. He adores his new teacher and now makes sure to complete all his homework the same day it's been sent out. Amazing. I'm just hoping this will last.
Joli also started to get some homework and she loves it. Last week she had to write sentences, this week she is following a plant for being a seed to a real plant, all steps have to be documented in her homework book!
I have reached a new state of non-motivation at work. I have millions of different things going on and it all gets very fragemented. And I have to leave early to pick up my son from his football ECA.


  1. Njut så länge det varar, det där med att gilla läxor!

  2. Tonight's the night! Looking forward to kimchi and a continuous flow of Hite beer:)

  3. Wow, förändringar är ibland riktigt riktigt bra även om man kanske först var skeptisk. Hoppas verkligen det håller i sig med Elias nya motivation. Kul att Joli gillar sina hemuppgifter.
    Hoppas du får tillbaka motivationen också, Tycker själv det kan gå lite i vågor beroende på arbetsuppgifter och annat.