Sunday, February 17, 2013

Madinat Jumeirah and Al Karama

A friend of ours is visiting from Sweden and once again you have the chance to rediscover this city through the eyes of someone that doesn't live her! On Friday evening we headed out to Madinat Jumeirah and had the most amazing dinner at newly open Rivington Grill.  Rivington Grill is an English steakhouse with, yes, steaks but a lot of other great dishes such as the classic fish and chips and grilled sea bass but we opted for the riby eye and hubby dug into a gigantic T-bone, all served with hand cut chips and bearnaise sauce. It was divine! After that, we moved on to my favourite hang out, Trader Vics. It was quite busy (Friday day evenings are always busy) and great music played by the Cuban band. However, by midnight, we were all quite tired and went back home. I can definitely recommend Rivington Grill. We have visited their other restaurant in Souk Al Bahar, downtown Burj Khalifa before and the food and service was just as good at Madinat Jumeirah.
On Saturday, me and friend A decided to explore Al Karama, the paradise of fake brand shopping. I haven't been to Karama for a while so it was a great deal of fun! I found some football T-shirts with Messi on the back for Elias, an Ed Hardy T-shirt for Joli, some Dora slippers and a pair of khaki shorts for Elias.
Freshly baked bread

Delicious chips

THE steak

Wonderful Madinat Jumeirah
We enjoyed a lovely Lebanese lunch and then drove off to the Textile Souk, watched the dhows sailing in and out of Dubai creek, did some more shopping before we went back home for dinner.
A is now out and about on her own, I'm back at the office, kids are in school and hubby has a flight to Dhaka. Joli is off to a birthday party this afternoon so will pick her up after work. She was very excited!
Later this week, I'm meeting up with Mitzie Mee for some kimchi at the new Korean restaurant in Al Barsha.


  1. Alltid kul att se sin egen hemvist med ögon utifrån.

  2. yum!!! all of that food looks so yummy! xO!