Thursday, February 21, 2013

Restaurant "Kung" at Byblos Hotel

Yesterday, I finally got my kimchi fix and it was very delicious! Mitzie Mee knows her way around the Korean food (I'm still a happy amateur that usually opt for pulgogi or fried rice). We ordered bipimbab, a signature Korean dish, Korean pancakes and a hot and very tasty (not too spicy) sea food soup! Served along with the food were also the traditional Korean side dishes, banchan (including my favourite kimchi). The place was very busy, mostly by Koreans which is usually a good sign. The also serve the traditional beverage "soju". I also liked how the waitress greated me in Korean when I entered the restaurant and then  happily continued the conversation until she saw the large question mark in my face (I can say a few things in Korean but that is pretty much it).
After this gorgeous Korean meal, we took a stroll over to Media Rotana hotel and ended up at "Nelson"s" bar, where they happend to have Ladies night!
The kids have mid term break (just one day) and were sleeping in today. I would have loved to have a day off today but will leave early to take Joli to her swimming lesson in the afternoon and after that, it's the weekend!
Banchan- Korean side dishes


Korean pancakes, dont' know the name in Korean


Delicious soup
The weekend is busy, Elias has a birthday party to attend and I'm planning a trip to Barracuda, the Tax Free shop to stock up on some wine. And on Saturday Joli and I are off to see the ballet "Cinderella" at the DUCTAC Theatre in Mall of the Emirates. My dear friend S' girls are performing and they are amazing. Last year we watched "Peter Pan" and Joli is still talking about it. It will be perfect Mummy and Joli event!


  1. What a great meal yesterday!! (though my husband found be kind of weird-smelling when I got home)

  2. MMMM härlig mat:)

    Vill du se undeerbara pics på NZ...kolla in min nya post:)

    Ha en underbar helg söt

    LOVE Maria

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