Friday, March 1, 2013

Pasta on a Thursday

If hubby is home on a Thursday (which is when the weekend starts here in the UAE), we normally have a BBQ. I just love to sit outside on our terrace, enjoy a glass of wine while the meat is cooking on the grill, kids playing outside and knowing that tomorrow morning, I CAN SLEEP IN!
I am not a morning person, however, since I had children, I seem to be up around 8 anyway, but at least there is no stress, no clock ticking, no meetings. I can just walk around in my PJ's, have a late, and long breakfast, coffee outside in the garden....
Last night hubby declared that he didn't fancy doing a BBQ at all, he wanted pasta for dinner. And so it is, tonight we are having Spaghetti Carbonara!
Teresa made an amazing dinner last night (yes, Teresa cooks during the weekdays and most of the weekends too). She baked broccoli and cauliflower in an oven dish, covered with cream, lots of garlic and let it bake for about 20 min. It was divine! We also enjoyed hubbys homegrown tomatoes with red onion and cilantro together with marinated chicken fillet. Delicious! I forgot to take photos, sorry.
I haven't been in the best of moods lately. There are so many things going on at the moment I think my head will explode soon. My Dad is back at the hospital with the same back pain he suffered from a few years ago. He is very depressed and seem to have lost all his will to live. I and the kids are going home for Easter and I hope this will cheer him up  a bit and I am also trying to arrange some meetings with the hospital and other involved parties to see what we can do for my Dad to improve his situation. And then there is a lot of work stuff also going on...

Beautiful Bavaria.
This weekend, I'm hoping to take Joli to one of the resorts and just relax. Some sun, quality time with my kids, read a book, have a nice lunch in the sun...

Ah, yes...and of course I forgot to take a photo before we started eating...
Today it's our Teresa's birthday! We sang for her yesterday and enjoyed some cake that one of her friends came over with. Today she is off and they are all off to church and then to Satwa for some lunch and shopping. Elias has a friend over later today and we have promised the boys to order Swedish pizza tonight. And this time I will take a photo, promise...!


  1. I wish your Dad better!!! I really feel for him as I myself have been suffering from severe back problems for quite some time now...I think it will do wonders for him when you guys visit at Easter. It's such a gorgeous days today...sunny and almost springlike!
    Kram, Lisa

  2. Thanks Lisa! I hope your back is better! It seems terrible, not being able to sit, walk or stand up straight even! I am hoping he will get some of his energy back when he meets the kids and then we will make all the necessary arrangments so he can find a suitable home as he can't live by himself anymore.
    It sounds wonderful with spring in the air! I miss that feeling!!