Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sandstorm and birthday party

A very nasty sandstorm passed by Dubai this weekend and left us all covered in sand. On Friday, the sky was cloudy but the weather was unusually warm. Everyone feared that summer had started early this year, with temperatures up to 37.
On Friday afternoon, our neighbours' wife and children had arranged for a surprise party for him so we showed up at his house for a nice BBQ. It was great meeting up again after the school break and we had such a lovely evening. Again a good reminder how lucky we are to live in this community.
On Saturday morning, I and hubby went to look for a typing office. It is a small office where you can get your document attested, make photo copies and have letters typed for you in Arabic for various pruposes, like getting a NOC for your Driver's license or labour card. They charge a small sum and it takes about 10 minutes. We found one in Al Quoz, not far away from my previous office. After that we decided to drive by Max Burger at Oasis centre for some lunch. I have to admit that I do miss Oasis centre sometimes and especially Max Burger...
Elias and his friend A had their joint birthday party that afternoon and the sandstorm got worse. The theme of the party was nerf gun fight so it actually didn't matter that it was sandy and windy, it just added to the party theme! Friend T (the hostess of the party and A's Mum) made wonderful Margaritas and we were chatting while the boys ran around like mad with their nerf guns. When we got home later that evening, we were all covered in sand and the wind had increased and it was actually a bit scary at times as I feared all our outdoor furniture would literally fly away.
It was still cloudy and rainy on Sunday and we saw some heavy rain showers during the day, together with more sand. My small car was all covered in mud when I got home! Since Sunday also was my birthday, I and hubby had a glass of wine in the garden before my girls came over with more wine and presents!
Yesterday, friend S had her birthday and we attended another surprise BBQ, which was just as nice! Lovely food, wine and good company, what more can you ask for?
This week has been quite busy at work and I am getting more and more things on my desk, which is great! I managed to extend my corporate wardrobe over the weekend and came home with a pen skirt from Zara, a pair of dress pants from G2000 and a shirt. That should do for a while. It is funny, when you are actually looking for something, you never find it, whereas when you have convinced yourself NOT to buy anything, you run into gorgeous clothes wherever you go.
My cooking project has gone out the window, there is no time but hopefully it will be resumed soon! And I need to take some more photos. Next post, I promise!


  1. Belated HAPPY BIRHTDAY!!! Sounds like you've been busy!
    Kram, Lisa

  2. Sorry...what a horrible should read HAPPY BIRTHDAY of course. Skickar manga försenade grattiskramar. Little scary med sandstorm1

  3. That was some storm last week, wasn't it? But bless the rain.. I can't recall when was the last time I saw more than a couple of drops of rain! Maybe like 3 years ago when Dubai submerged under water after 3 days non-stop rain! Well, at least the car wash companies made some money ;)


  4. Happy birthday! How could I miss it! Hope you had a wonderful day. Lets go out and celebrate when I come back to Dubai!

  5. Ett stort grattis på födelsedagen! Hoppas du hade en riktigt bra dag Kram

  6. Grattis!! Sandstorm är inget vi har här direkt:) bara en massa regn just nu. Kram Nilla