Monday, April 22, 2013

Strange weather

The summer has definitely arrived in Dubai with temperatures up to 42 this weekend. Way too hot! The evenings are still nice though and yesterday we had a wonderful BBQ at friend T's house. The weather has been strange with clouds and rain every second day, sunshine every other second day. Yesterday, as we were sitting under T's lovely gazebo, lightning struck the sky and we had thunder and rain. It only lasted for a few minutes but it was quite cozy to sit there, listening to the rain on the gazebo, enjoying a glass of red. T had made delicious skewers and we all contributed with baked potatoes, potato gratin, couscous salad and more. It was a great evening! Hubby is flying to Copenhagen today and I have given him a long list of items I need! Mostly Swedish food, falusausage, Swedish Estrella or OLW crisps, cheese, a Swedish dictionary for Elias who just started taking Swedish lessons and some interior magazines for myself.
I have to apologize for not being so active anymore. I am sharing room with another colleague so no time for the morning blogging procedure, something that I do miss. My routine with my coffee, my blog, reading other blogs.... The good news is that my new job keeps me busy, there is no time for blogging during the day. I have started to get my head around some things, still have lots to learn and even more waiting around the corner. It is interesting, I am very happy and my new colleagues are great. Last week the company driver bought cinnamon buns for all of us. And mind you, he is from India but still went all the way to the Nordic Bakery to get us this special Swedish treat! Most of the management are Swedish, which is both nice and a bit unusual to hear Swedish in the corridors.
This weekend, Joli has her birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, Dubai Outlet Mall. She invited the whole class and I am waiting for parents to RSVP. I found a lady in our compound that makes wonderful cakes and ordered a round, pink cake with small sea creatures in marsipan and a huge Ariel Mermaid made out of chocolate on top. Joli will love that. And I will try to remember taking some photos! The good thing with outsourcing the birthday party is that it is minimal trouble. You arrive there, they entertain and feed the kids and all you need to bring is the cake. Great!
The other day, as we flicked through the TV-channels, I came across the movie "Julia and Julie" again. And realized that my recipe project has really gone out the window. I don't think I have cooked anything interesting for months. We'll need to do something about it. I'll keep you all posted.

Burj Al Arab, early morning

Elias celebrated his 10th birthday on the flight back to Dubai

Future Emirates hostess?

Thursday treat, cinnamon buns!


  1. Jo, det är väl så, att ibland finns det sådant som behöver prioriteras före bloggandet - hur konstigt det än låter...;)

  2. Vad kul att nya jobbet känns bra!
    Outsourcing barnkalas gillar jag också... bara man hittar ett bra ställe, vi har haft på barngymnastik och klättervägg flera gånger. Jättebra.

  3. Outsoursa barnkalas skulle jag vilja göra. Laga intressant mat har inte gjorts här heller på länge idag blev det korv och makaroner, väldigt "spännande" :) kram Nilla

  4. Tom jag som verkligen längtar efter värmen skulle nog tycka att 42 grader är lite väl varmt....
    Låter kul med ditt nya jobb och kanelbullar...helt rätt tänkt där!:)

    Kram Pernilla

  5. I was surprised when my helper told me that it was raining! I was like "What??" Strange indeed. I just hope this summer is not going to be too hard especially when we are going to be here most of it. It is hard to blog and work at the same time and you are doing great.. with time you'll get the hang of it and will blog more consistently. Hope you have a great week and see you next post!