Thursday, May 30, 2013

Amazing days in New York

Despite incredibly cold and rainy weather (what happened to spring NYC???), we have had an amazing time! Forgive me for repeating myself, but I love New York and I wish that we could stay for a month or so to be able to explore this amazing city as it deserves to be explored. However, we have done a lot (shopping mostly) and we have enjoyed great lunches, dinners and drinks, met up with interesting people (more about that in my next post) and generally had a fantastic time!
On Thursday morning, we took a stroll towards Korea Town and Macy's and spent a couple of hours around the area before heading back for a power nap at the hotel. The weather had been lovely in the morning but sometime around lunch time it started raining and what started off as a nice drizzle turned into a heavy thunderstorm. A very nice gentleman was kind enough to offer his large umbrella as he was just about to get on the metro home. Despite the umbrella we got back to the hotel completely soaked. After our much needed nap, we took a taxi down to Meatpacking District and ended up at The Old Homestead Steakhouse. We decided to go for fillet mignon and it was made to perfection. As the Rangers were playing their fourth game against Boston Bruins, I received updates from the very helpful waiters and when the game ended with victory to NY Rangers, I and friend M decided to go Spice Market for dinks to celebrate. Sadly enough, NY Rangers lost the fifth game and are now out of the Stanely Cup finals. After Spice Market we maded up to a roof top bar with a wonderful view over New York were we enjoyed more drinks before finally heading home to our Pod.
If Thursday had been rainy, Friday was even worse and the temperature must have dropped by at least 10 degrees, if not more. Gusty winds, dark clouds and a heavy rain made the walk from 39th street up to 60th street not very pleasant. Friend M had a nice make over at Bloomingdales, while I was walking around, slightly upset about the fact that there were not a single bench or chair to sit on and rest! Later that evening, we took a taxi down to our favourite district, Meatpacking and went to Bill's Burgers, finished off with a drink at Spice Market again and headed home for some well deserved sleep.
Saturday was just as cold and windy. We enjoyed a nice breakfast in Soho and then decided to part and meet up at the hotel later. I strolled around in Little Italy and Chinatown, enjoyed a nice glass of wine at small pub before walking up to 17th street and Barnes' and Nobles. I have been looking for a comprehensive legal dictionary for a long time and here in Dubai they just don't sell them. At Barnes' and Nobles they had a wide selection of various dictionaries and I opted for Black's Legal Dictionary, highly recommended online. Very satisfied with my purchase, I decided to walk all the way back home to our hotel. Later that evening, we had decided to meet up a friend from Singapore, she lives in NY since a few years back (yes, I'm jealous!). We met up at the roof top bar at the The Standard Hotel, which had one of the most amazing roof top bars I have ever seen with an impressive view over NY. The bar itself was shaped as a large mushroom (!) and apparently you have to arrive quite early to even get somewhere to sit! Since it was an incredibly cold and rainy evening, we decided to go for a meal quite nearby and ended up at Fig & Olive (420 West, 13th Street). Friend M enjoyed lobster salad, friend K went for the veal and I had a wonderful chilean sea bass! The food was just excellent, the only downside was the loud music that made a normal conversation almost impossible. However, the venue itself was very nice and judging from the crowd, very popular. Friend K left us after dinner and we went to our good old Spice Market for a ginger Margarita before taking yellow cab home.
Sunday was my last day as I had a flight later that night, so we decided to walk to Koreatown again and my favourite place, Mandoo Bar. The weather was perfect, sunny and a blue sky and not too cold! After a nice Korean lunch, we followed the crowd along Broadway and into the Disney store where I found some lovely Little Mermaid gifts for Joli. We went home rather early that afternoon and did my packing before we went up to the hotel's lovely roof top bar for a last drink. The airport shuttle stop was just one block away so it took less then 10 minutes to walk there. Friend M was staying one more night but since I was on standby, I had to try to get on the flight one day earlier as they looked quite fully booked. Well, to cut a long story short, I was bumped off the late night flight and had to go back (good thing we had the hotel for one more night). I slept for a few hours before heading back out to JFK the next morning where I got bumped off again. By that time I was so exhausted, I decided to stay at the airport until the next flight, late that evening. So there I sat, the entire day, at JFK airport arrival's hall (the only hall with chairs!) and watched people come and go. It was actually quite relaxing. I know I could have dumped the luggage at the luggage storage and head back to Manhattan, but honestly, I was so tired, all I wanted to do was to sit down. I think I even dozed off at some point. Thankfully, I made the flight back to Dubai and was quite relieved to get onboard. After a light meal, I fell asleep and slept like a rock for 8 hours!
Wonderful sushi lunch at a Chinese/Japanese restaurant

Yellow cabs

Kimchi at Mando Bar

Great concept with city bikes

Clever car parking

A trip to Chinatown is a must!

And to Little Italy too of course

My favourite place, we were here 7 years ago too

Slightly tired and puffy eyed but happy Korean!


  1. Det låter som om det var en fantastisk resa! New York finns kvar på min "att-upptäcka-lista", men någon gång kanske det blir av, vem vet...

  2. Så underbart att ni fick så fina dagar och kvällar (och nätter...!!) trots det dåliga vädret! Och återigen, det var så ROLIGT att träffas!!!
    Skönt att du är hemma nu i varje fall och att resan gick bra även om jag förstår att det måste känts lite sisådär att få vänta en extra natt innan du kunde flyga hem.

  3. Underbar resa du gjort i NY. Nu är jag tillbaka i bloggvärlden igen och nås numer här; Ska väl läsa ikapp dina senaste blogginlägg. Kram

  4. Tack, för helt fantastiska och roliga dagar! KRAM!

  5. Too bad about the weather and too bad that you got bumped TWICE. So much fun to spend the whole day at JFK. Men jag förstar att du inte orkade ta dig in till Manhattan igen. Kanske skönare att ta det lugnt pa flygplatsen ;-) and do some people watching. Tur att du kom med flyget till DXB sen. Trodde inte att planen var sa fulla. Verkar iallafall som ni hann med jätte mycket pa den korta tiden.

  6. Så mysigt ni verkar ha haft det och så otroligt god shushin såg ut - du frestas!! ;) Kram

  7. Oh I wish I could be in NYC right now!

  8. Glad to hear that you finally made it back to Dubai:)

  9. Å, mandu är min bästa koreanska mat. De stekta/friterade. Med sån där god sojadipp med gräslök/vårlök i. Åååh.